Dental water jet: benefits and contraindications

Dental water jet: benefits and contraindications

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Dental water jet, also called hydrojet or dental shower, it is an important tool for guaranteeing adequate oral hygiene, through regular and constant home care. Like any "technical" tool, it should be able to use it without attributing powers it does not have and knowing how to regulate it correctly.

Dental water jet

It is often used to eliminate the remains of food of bigger dimensions that remain between our teeth. It is certainly not comparable, in terms of effectiveness, to dental floss which rubs mechanically and also works in the case of old plaque formation. So the thread gives good results even when the food remains are not removed after some time from the conclusion of the meal, which our dental water jet does not guarantee.

Water flosser: what is it for

By exploiting the cleaning action of a pulsating water jet generated by a pump, the dental water jet cleans the teeth when we direct it along the gum line and along the interdental space. The jet of water "washes away" strongly the remains of food, even those that got stuck between one tooth and the other, in areas where the toothbrush fails to reach. This prevents cavities from forming even in these critical points.

Water flosser: benefits

In addition to the cleaning action done by water, the dental water jet also offers the opportunity to do more thorough washes. For example, it can be loaded with a disinfectant mouthwash that the dentist recommends and, in this way, clean even better and allow the fluid to reach hidden areas and act with precision.

Who has one fixed prosthesis or orthodontic appliance, and he is unable to use dental floss in a practical way, with the dental water jet he solves the problem of oral hygiene.

If you buy a modern device, then, you are faced with a mini computer, or almost, with various spouts and specific operating programs to clean different areas of the oral cavity. The one for the tongue, or the teeth, or the gums and the gum pockets. There are models that also provide heads with bristles, so that in addition to the jet also an electric toothbrush acts.

Water flosser: contraindications

It is very important not to abuse the dental water jet and to adjust it following the directions. It is not true that the stronger the jet, the better it cleans, the pressure is adjustable and should not be put to the maximum thinking that the problems are solved like this. Indeed, this is how they are created, especially if you have sensitive or inflamed gums. The water temperature must also be studied as appropriate, usually lukewarm water it is the one that leads to the least risk of damage.

If we don't act gently enough when we perform cleaning the gingival sulcus, we risk suffering trauma that could create small ones hemorrhages, recessions and gum pockets or even periodontal abscesses. This is the main problem related to the use of the dental water jet. The other real risk is that out of laziness, some use it as a replacement for a toothbrush or dental floss while it is complementary to them.

Water flosser: opinions

There are experts who believe thateffective water jet as much as dental floss in removing plaque and reducing bleeding and gum irritation, most still believe that it should be used in combination with it and not as a substitute.

As for the degree of satisfaction that this jet of cleaning water gives, a lot it also depends on how you use it and it is regulated and by the constancy with which it is held.

Oral B water jet

On Amazon we find a cleaning system with water jet produced by Oral-B at 50 euros, with numerous functions and possibility to adjust the jet. It is an excellent model for smile better.

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