Surprise in space: a completely pink planet

Surprise in space: a completely pink planet

More than surprising images of a totally pink planet outside the solar system were shared by NASA.

Although the existence of this new planet had already been documented in 2013, by decoding infrared data captured by the Japanese “Subaru” telescope, in recent days very clear images of this finding could be seen. The "pink planet" was given the technical name "GJ 504b".

The star belongs to the constellation Virgo, a star system that formed approximately 160 million years ago. It is 57 light years distant from Earth. In 2013, scientist Michael McElwain, had reported that GJ 504b had some special color and commented: “looks bluer than other photographed planets, which may indicate that its atmosphere has fewer clouds”. The specialists also reported that another of the planet's characteristics is that it is hotter than the sun, its effective temperature is approximately 237 degrees Celsius.

The GJ 504b is a rarity for scientists, as it is “the lowest known mass body”; in addition, the distance with respect to his “solar star”Multiplies 43.5 times the distance that the Earth maintains with the sun, it really is very far. "If humans could travel to this giant planet, we would see a world still glowing from the heat of its formation, mixed with a dull magenta”, Described NASA.

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