Cat and rabbit: coexistence

Cat and rabbit: coexistence

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Cat and rabbit, together, at home or in the garden, do they get along well? In order not to find yourself witnessing daily and weekday quarrels, of jealousy or otherwise, it is better to investigate if this mating of animals can work and how. There are various examples of excellent coexistence between cat and rabbit but it is not a foregone conclusion. Let's see the strategies that can be applied and when it is instead the case to abandon all hope of peaceful coexistence.

Cat and rabbit: coexistence

They can be ignored, they can be loved, they can be hated. How can we know if cat and rabbit will they get along well put together in everyday life? In some cases the rabbit takes a leading role and brings the feline to its knees, making it clear that it is the guest in its territory. It also depends a lot on the nature of the two animals, if they grow together they are more likely to become excellent sleeping and playmates.

When i two animals are placed in large and open spacessuch as gardens, patios or lawns, extra precautions need to be taken. On the one hand, it is true that they have more space to divide, so they can also be avoided, but on the other hand the rabbit will jump here and there and the cat will feel the predatory instinct stronger. Better, in this situation, protect the rabbit with a fence even making it go out from time to time.

Cat and rabbit: allergy

Very often when you have an allergy linked to the presence of hair, you have to stay away from both the cat and the rabbit, unless it is one of those allergic cats, of a special breed. That of Siberian cat.

Cat and rabbit hair is one of the most common allergies, as well as that associated with dogs and horses, it is better to inquire before taking one of these animals with you.

Cat and rabbit in the house

At home often i cats are less predatory, or rather, with the habit of domestic life, they get lazy and at times forget what their true nature is. Better for those who want to make cat and rabbit coexist, will have to work less to convince both of them to share the same space, be it a studio apartment or a 4-storey villa.

Cat and rabbit: differences

There are physical differences, evident, and also of behavior, inherent to the different nature of cat and rabbit. The rabbit may or may not be smaller than the cat, but it is certainly shy and diffident, while the cat tends to be lively and willing to play. In this case, a gradual approach. However, there are times when the rabbit takes the lead, even trying to mount the cat, and then the one to keep safe and protected is the latter.

Cat and rabbit: mating

We talked about "riding", and in fact the instinct of a cat and rabbit living together could also lead to mating, it's up to us to make sure they get along but ... not too much! Better to ask anyway advice to the vet on how to act even with any sterilization.

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