Now in a pandemic, let's use our herbs, it is healthier and heals us: María López, traditional Zapotec doctor

Now in a pandemic, let's use our herbs, it is healthier and heals us: María López, traditional Zapotec doctor

When a person arrives with the flu and cough, María López recommends a eucalyptus tea, also garlic, lemon and cinnamon, to reduce inflammation she uses cordoncillo or the peppermint leaf, for 14 years she has been a traditional doctor in Álvaro Obregón Oaxaca, a community Zapotec where the Covid-19 pandemic is lived in another way and is cured until now using medicinal plants.

The town pharmacies closed and the only doctor stopped treating patients for fear of contagion, so María and her two daughters "Paula and María" opened a space that they called "Lidxi Guendanazaaca" "House of healing", in where through plants that she knows and the conventional medicine practiced by her daughter named María, they give relief to her loved ones in this health contingency that still does not report positive cases, but suspicious ones.

Inside there is an altar adorned with flowers and green leaves and the image of the Virgin of Guadalupe to whom the traditional doctor entrusts herself every time she prescribes a tea or performs a "clean on the patient's body".

She and the plants began to relate 14 years ago when in a dream a being was revealed to her that trains her how to use them correctly for healing, although she remembers that this practice is usual in her community, her grandmother and mother also consumed the herbs to treat her ailments and so she also seized love from them.

It is a whole process to be a traditional doctor, explains María, who attends every day from early hour until the sun goes down, for her there are no schedules, they come from babies who cannot urinate or eat, to patients who have facial paralysis, but to all has healed.

What moves her is faith and love, without those two feelings she could not achieve these 14 years where she has seen countless patients go by, not from her community but also from other parts of the state of Oaxaca and even the City from Mexico.

If you ask her what to do in case of diarrhea or vomiting, she has the answer, there is a cure for everything, she answers, while she slowly looks at your eyes and your expressions to tell you what ailment you have.

The most frequent ailments that he has treated in recent months since the health emergency began are sore throats, temperatures, body aches, nervous disturbances, sadness and anxiety, but he finds the answer to all of them through medicinal plants.

In his home he has several plants and others he collects in the fields where he harvests them weekly and intervenes through a drying process, later he places them on brown paper and recipes them.

Nothing gets complicated for 50-year-old Maria, while the patient cries or gets nervous when she treats him, she lists each of the affectations and gives the solution with the plants.

His daughter María, who is a nurse, is in charge of taking glucose, blood pressure, injections and vitaminized serums, in addition to a patient who arrives with respiratory complications, they immediately channel him to the authorities for his speedy recovery.

“We have made a great trio,” says María, who celebrates that her space is a dream that she had always had and that she was finally able to see come true, and that now she will have greater opportunities to provide medical care using her medicinal plants.

María has a privileged memory that does not need a written catalog to remember the uses of plants, although she does not rule out that this could be her inheritance, leaving her medicinal practices and the use of plants as a collective memory so that this practice is never lost. traditional that he learned from his Zapotec ancestors.

He also has a healing technique where he uses massages and plants for facial paralysis, which with 20 days of treatment the person recovers completely, just a month ago he discharged a girl under 11 years old who was cured of this disease.

"I have told you and I emphasize to you, plants alleviate illnesses, they heal us, I check them every day, from an eye condition to facial paralysis and Milk Bone disease" dxita niidxi ", which is when children they lose weight completely and do not want to eat, I have a special oil that I smear under the tonsils and they heal, none of them have died, they have all returned to eating and living healthy ”.

"Lidxi Guendanazaaca" or "House of healing" is a meeting where the soul rests, calms down and the best heals, life flourishes here and while Maria and her two daughters keep it open, surely more people will heal because what is known breathe and feel is peace and love.

Mexico is the second place in the world to produce medicinal plants, native peoples such as Álvaro Obregón, are the main growers of these herbs and their use and conservation are recognized.

Diana Manzo / IstmoPress News Agency

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