They transform plastic waste into poles to prevent the felling of more than a million trees

They transform plastic waste into poles to prevent the felling of more than a million trees

This undertaking demonstrates how an idea can help take care of the environment, or at least add to the ecological initiatives already taken in the Argentine province. On the one hand, it contributes to the recovery of residues that become waste and, on the other, it manages to considerably reduce the felling of trees.

The initiative ofPlastic Wood Mendoza (MPM) emerged in 2017, with a plant located in the city of Junín, about 45 kilometers from the capital of Mendoza (Cuyo region, Argentina) and is led by three entrepreneurial friends from Mendoza whose objective is to prevent the felling of about 1 and a half million trees.

In this way, to achieve their mission, Carlos Arce, Pío De Amoriza and Leonardo Cano have resorted to using plastic waste such as bottles, shampoo, soft drinks and bundles to turn them into posts and plastic boards thanks to different industries in Mendoza and Buenos Aires.

The three referents of this project have in common the mission of replacing in some way the five million wooden poles that are used in the province and for which almost one and a half million trees are required to be felled.

This is how, by converting waste, they manage to produce posts for vineyards and floorboards, supplying Mendoza winemakers and working in conjunction with the Institute of Agricultural Quality and Health (Iscamen) and the Municipality of Junín.

Meanwhile, for the production and manufacture of posts for vineyards, the characteristics of the recycled material include production without the use of water, and the results enjoy resistance to inclement weather, humidity, insects, chemicals and also withstand the blows of machines without problems, do not splinter or break.

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