They build temporary dormitories for doctors with recycled Tetra Pak packaging

They build temporary dormitories for doctors with recycled Tetra Pak packaging

The Mexican Red Cross and the architecture office Revolution, with the support of Tetra Pak and 17 other companies from different sectors, joined in this initiative for the construction of the Temporary Housing Pavilion for Health Workers, in the Hospital of the municipality of Ecatepec, Mexico state.

This project aims to create safe spaces for medical personnel working in the face of the pandemic. It is made up of 12 modules of 7 square meters each one composed of a bedroom, wardrobe, shower, sink, toilets, electric heater, cistern and natural ventilation.

Currently, the health system has more than 36 thousand elements of medical personnel who dedicate their time to attend to the Covid-19 pandemic from different fronts, so it becomes necessary to find new ways to support and recognize this sector.

The bedrooms have a structure of polyaluminium plates, a material that contains Tetra Pak's post-consumer recycling packaging and that have excellent qualities for this type of project due to its high durability and thermal and acoustic insulation.

We greatly appreciate all the work and effort made by the doctors andnurses coping with Covid-19. In addition, we are very happy to see that with the recycling of our packaging we can support this great cause and other projects.and initiatives”Alfredo Román, Sustainability Manager for Tetra Pak México.

Tetra Pak donated 480 sheets to the project, equivalent to more than one million post-consumer packages. It should be noted that in addition to polyaluminium, with the recycling of containers, various products for daily use can be manufactured, such as urban furniture or for construction that are used in sustainable homes.

The Pavilion will be installed around the Hospital of the Mexican Red Cross and will remain there until next September. In addition, the assembly plans and manuals are available to the general public on the Revolution Architecture Office page, with the aim that other initiatives can join in assembling more homes.

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