A new viral challenge that proposes not drinking soda for a month

A new viral challenge that proposes not drinking soda for a month

A new challenge that thousands of Mexicans shared is to leave sugary drinks for 30 days.

We know that if you are an Ecoportal reader, you are probably leading a healthier and more sustainable life, but it is worth sharing this info to challenge those who continue to consume these harmful beverages.

A viral challenge that consists of not drinking soda for a month has resurfaced on social networks and hundreds of people are following it.

Although the challenge has been spreading since 2019, during this quarantine where many people are rethinking their health and consumption habits, some Mexicans took it up again.

And it is that it is not only a question of putting aside the sugary drinks to which we are so accustomed due to pure competition… this challenge involves health, caring for the environment and saving money.

How does this challenge benefit our health?

  1. Weightloss
  2. Your energy will increase as you will cleanse your body of sugars and you will feel lighter
  3. It could improve your digestion

In addition, the challenge can not only be a viral exercise to follow a fashion. During the evening conferences of the Ministry of Health, Dr. Hugo López-Gatell pointed out that a large part of the diseases that increase the risk of COVID-19 are caused by a poor diet.

These chronic diseases (obesity, diabetes and hypertension, COVID-19 comorbidities) are associated with poor nutrition. They are serious public health problems in Mexico. […] Excess sugar is a risk factor for diabetes, and excess fat is a risk factor for cardiovascular disease ”, affirmed the undersecretary in April.

I open thread. About a month and a half (motivated by the quarantine) I decided to stop eating sugars, soda, bread, dairy products and try to move doing a little exercise, stationary bike, GAP routines and drink a lot of water (Since I hardly did) ..

- la pelona de kabah (@dimesolocesar) May 21, 2020

I proposed something small but transcendent. I will stop drinking soda. I know that sugar is poison and for a long time I have wanted to give it up and I cannot, so I decided to go little by little and for now to leave what I think is more harmful. I'm just one week old today. My first goal is one month.

- Aline (@ursulaamaranta) June 8, 2020

So will you share and follow the challenge?

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