Eagle nests in an area where they were not seen 115 years ago

Eagle nests in an area where they were not seen 115 years ago

These birds were on the verge of extinction, but new specimens have been sighted and nests were found where 115 years ago they were not seen.

The bald eagle is one of the most important species of animals for the culture of the United States due to its symbolism of freedom, its power and its patriotism, the image of this majestic bird fills flags, clothing and media .

But all that symbolism did not do much to be cared for and respected. The bald eagle was about to be lost forever due to the loss of its habitat and hunting.

Days ago, the North American authorities announced that the small population of eagles is recovering and little by little is moving away from the brink of extinction, returning to the skies of the country.

Experts from the Massachusetts Division of Fish and Wildlife have confirmed that the population of bald eagles in the state of Massachusetts is growing with at least 70 active nests so far this spring, counting one that is located in the Cape Cod area, the first in this location in 115 years.

The government announced that the status of the nation's most representative birds went from "threatened" to "special concern" this specifically within its borders.

Despite the creation of federal and state laws for the protection of these birds, it has not been possible to control human action against them.

Organizations such as the US Fish and Wildlife Service reported that a few decades ago they were in serious danger of extinction, due to the alteration of their habitat, hunting and the contamination of their food supply with chemicals.

In recent years these same birds have been recovered by what the Fish and Wildlife Service says they are "a success story of the Endangered Species Act“.

These birds are making a comeback in different regions of the country

In recent statements the state of Ohio has confirmed that the number of bald eagles is growing by 151% since the last official count 8 years ago. The Arizona Department of Fish and Game has released photos of bald eagles nesting in what are the arms of a saguaro cactus, a scene that had not been able to be documented with images since 1937.

According to wildlife experts and bird watchers, it is best to take prudent distances of more than 100 yards (91 meters) to appreciate these wonderful birds, because at shorter distances they can feel disturbed and leave their nest and eggs.

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