The importance of investing in a good natural and ecological diet for our pets

The importance of investing in a good natural and ecological diet for our pets

For the vast majority of us, our pets They are a more member of the family, whom we care for and respect in the same way as the rest. Our Dogs and cats they are part of our life, they give us sweetie and company, they take care of us and they love that we pay attention to them and fill them with pampering.

This is why, today, we wanted to reflect on what kind of food they usually have our pets, starting with dogs and cats, which are usually the most common animals in homes. Looking back, we have realized that although we ourselves are lovers of the natural and ecological, many times we ignore this type of information when it comes to applying it to our pets.

However, to be fair, we should not give to our animals something that we ourselves would not agree to eat. That is, by this we mean that, for example, if at home we avoid eating ultra-processed products or insane, Why give them to our pets?

The feeding of dogs and cats is from utmost importance so much for his wellness as for your Health, so today we want to talk to you about this topic and, incidentally, make you a few recommendations so you can get the maximum match to pet food hereinafter.

Discover Amanova, the line of natural feed that triumphs

The first recommendation What we want to talk about is Amanova, a Spanish company that creates and cooks, in its own facilities, a power line for pets that is from another world. With their kitchens located outside of Madrid create specific feed for our animals, with all natural ingredients and of the highest quality and differentiating the types of feed taking into account the needs that each pet may have.

These feeds differ from most that we can find in supermarkets and pet stores because they are truly healthy, with fresh ingredients like turkey, lamb, he Salmon or white fish combined with vegetables, fruits, roots and herbs aromatic that will give it an extra flavor and will cause improvements in the digestive and immune system.

For us, without a doubt, Amanova is one of the best options in terms of organic and natural food for the care of our pets.

Why is a natural pet food better?

When we talk about natural pet food, we refer to all those feed and food that work with 100% natural ingredients, practically as if we could all go down to the butcher or fishmonger and make our own pet food at home.

And it is that, no matter how homemade, our pets they are still animals that, until relatively recently, fed on what they found in nature, as the rest of the world's animals continue to do.

For this reason, it is very interesting bet on feed companiesor that they only use fresh and natural food to prepare your recipes. We must also take into account that, the more natural the feed we give to our pet, better and higher quality nutrients will be that it receives and, therefore, it will also improve your health and well-being.

The danger of cereals and flours

Two of the most common ingredients to make animal feed and that make its production much cheaper are use of cereals and flours. It is clear that a feed based on flours and cereals will always be infinitely cheaper that a feed made with fresh meat or fish.

The soy, he corn wave wheat flour They are not necessary food in the diet of our pets and, in many cases, their abuse can lead tor health problems in animals. For this reason, we must always make sure that pet food is free of cereal grains and bet on other types of ingredients, As the rice, the quinoa or some healthy carbohydrate (type pumpkin) that will contribute many more nutrients to our dogs and cats and will help their digestive and immune systems much more.

What are the benefits of natural pet food?

As in any type of diet that prevails use of natural products and ecological, our dogs and cats will experience a improvement in your health and quality of life as soon as they start consuming this type of feed. For us it is clear, the natural substantially improves metabolism and the physical condition of our pets.

Among other benefits, feeding can help animals have a better physical condition, that allows them to move more agilely, jump run and chase other animals. Although it may seem silly, the truth is that absolutely all animals need to run and feel active to have a normal life.

On the other hand, with a natural diet improve the functioning of your digestive system, your defenses will be strengthened and, consequently, your immune system it will get much stronger. Finally, it should be remembered that the health of a dog or cat is directly reflected in a soft and shiny coat, which we will only achieve through the use of a I think natural and ecological.

By Marcos Gilardi

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