The fire that threatened the Chernobyl nuclear plant was contained

The fire that threatened the Chernobyl nuclear plant was contained

On Tuesday the Ukrainian authorities reported that the great fire that devastated forests near the Chernobyl nuclear power plant managed to be controlled with hydrants and specialized personnel fighting the flames with planes and helicopters.

On Monday, environmental activists sounded the alert for the fire that broke out in the vicinity where in 1986 the worst nuclear disaster in history took place. If the fire reached the plant, it would create the risk of increasing radiation levels and the population would be in danger.

Officials said they saw short-term spikes in Celsius-137 particles in the Kiev area, south of the plant, but that radiation levels were within normal limits overall and did not require additional protective measures. .

It's that the plants in the exclusion area were irradiated in the explosion. And when these were burned, the radiation levels increased accordingly.

The rain brought relief and together with the emergency services it was possible to prevent the flames from spreading to the plant or the military installations in the area, although it will take a few more days to completely extinguish them, the office of President Volodymyr Zelenskiy said in a statement.

The fire was very close… it reached two kilometers from the plant's radioactive waste deposits.

For its part, the state agency responsible for the management of the area around La Plata said that new fires broke out in the west and south of the place. Its extent was not immediately clear.

The main outbreak, one of several following unusually dry weather, broke out on April 3.

A 27-year-old youth was accused by the police of deliberately starting the fire.

By Pavel Polityuk

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