Jeff Bezos pledges $ 10 billion to fight climate change

Jeff Bezos pledges $ 10 billion to fight climate change

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos said he will commit $ 10 billion to fund scientists, activists, nonprofits and other groups fighting to protect the environment and counteract the effects of climate change. "Reducing emissions will be a challenge for Amazon," he said.

"Climate change is the biggest threat to our planet," Bezos said in an Instagram post, adding, "I want to work alongside others to amplify known ways and explore new ways to combat the devastating impact of climate change on this planet we all share."

Bezos Earth Fund will begin awarding grants this summer as part of the initiative. "It is going to take collective action from large businesses, small businesses, nation states, global organizations, and individuals," Bezos said.

Climate change has become a popular cause for America's billionaires in recent years, such as Bill Gates, Michael Bloomberg, and Microsoft's hedge fund manager Tom Steyer.

Bezos also said at the time that Amazon would meet the goals of the United Nations-sponsored Paris Agreement 10 years before the agreement's schedule and would invest $ 100 million to restore forests and wetlands.

Amazon has faced protests from environmental activists and pressure from its employees to take action against climate change.

At the beginning of the year, a group of Amazon employees, with the support of social entities and environmental groups, began an international campaign to demand a greater commitment from the company's managers to defend the climate. Much of this action is carried out through Amazon Employees for Climate Justice.

The campaign has come to have a wide following on social networks, how could it be otherwise because it is one of the largest multinationals and the richest man in the world.

A total of 357 Amazon workers, from software engineers to business analysts, publicly challenged the company on January 27 and criticized its climate policy, despite the fact that, according to them, the company has threatened to fire anyone who breaks its communication protocols. .

In an entry on the Medium platform entitled "Amazon employees share our views on the company's business", promoted by the group of workers of the company "For Climate Justice", the signatories denounced what, in their opinion, is "hypocrisy ”From the firm directed by JeffBezos.

"It is unacceptable that Amazon continues to help the oil and natural gas industry extract fossil fuels while trying to silence employees who want to speak out," lamented Amelia Graham-McCann, senior business analyst.

In response to employee criticism, the founder and CEO of Amazon announced that in the coming years he will personally dedicate $ 10 billion to “fund scientists, climate activists, non-profit organizations and other groups fighting to protect the environment. environment and counteract the effects of climate change ”. The figure is truly spectacular but it must be remembered that Bezos' fortune is currently valued at $ 150 billion.


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