India bans caging and trading birds, recognizes their right to fly free

India bans caging and trading birds, recognizes their right to fly free

A news of enormous significance, birds have the right to be birds. They don't deserve to live in cages.

Good treatment and consideration for animals gradually spreads as something natural. The gaze on them is changing, people are becoming more aware of animal welfare and fighting for their rights.

A case in India has been pleasantly surprised in this regard. A court prohibited citizens from trading birds and keeping them in cages, as it is considered mistreatment and this goes against their rights. Birds are air animals, their nature is to fly, they should never be locked up.

After an investigation that the NGO People For Animals (PFA) was able to verify, on the sad and cruel conditions in which birds live in cages, not only because most of them are subjected to the cutting of their tails and wings, but also because being locked up they lose their hunting and flight instincts, measures were taken in this regard.

The cages are usually very small and they do not have space to move, they usually relieve themselves in the same space where they eat and sleep, that is not worthy for any living being.

Another aspect that should be highlighted as to why it is not good to have these animals in captivity is due to the fact that they perform certain functions for our ecosystems, such as cleaning waste, pollination, generation of seeds and fruits, among many others.

It should be noted that both India, and many other countries, are designated as centers of illegal trafficking of exotic species, people by supporting their commercialization and considering them pets, generate smuggling, where many of them even die during the trip when they are transported.

Many families in India consider birds as pets, they are used to living with them and are not really aware that they are animals that should be free. They fail to understand that they are removed from their natural habitats, separated from their fellow species, stolen from their nests when they are very small and condemned to live in confinement, darkness and dirt.

These animals feel alone and helpless, it is normal for them to be depressed and even sick. That is why it is essential that these types of laws exist that end their commercialization, their right is to fly and develop in their natural environment.

This image shared by a Facebook user clearly demonstrates what an animal lives when it is separated from its natural habitat.

Birds, because of their wings and their ability to fly, are considered one of the freest animals in the world, their nature must be respected and when it is not done, it must be demanded. And that is exactly what India did, despite the fact that in its culture it is very normal for these animals to be in captivity, they were able to break with a formation of years and put solidarity and conscience with our animal brothers above.

May India be an example for the rest of the world, that day by day we forget cruel and absurd traditions and work together to achieve more laws that protect animals.

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