Chocolate and its health properties

Chocolate and its health properties

Since pre-Hispanic times, cocoa and chocolate have been used for their medicinal properties, not only for their exquisite flavor.

Cocoa and chocolate act on the body because they improve vascular flow. In this way they tend to preserve the function of organs such as the brain, heart, and kidneys.

In the area of ​​Mexico, before the conquest, chocolate was revered for multiple reasons, one of them was for its effects on health, according to research by Dr. Francisco J. Villarreal, a specialist in cocoa, professor of medicine in divisions of Cardiology and Endocrinology, UCSD.

Chocolate and cocoa preserve the function of the organs

"What cocoa does is that it seems to turn back the clock," said Villareal. In New York memory tests were done on healthy and normal people. Before consuming cocoa, memory tests were performed on 60-year-old people, then they consumed cocoa for 3 months, the tests were repeated and the results were surprising, the answers were those of 50-year-olds. In conclusion, these studies attributed to cocoa the ability to delay time by about ten years. Really wonderful.

Chocolate and its healing power from pre-Hispanic culture

The identified compound of cacao that favors health is called Epicatechin, it is a flavonoid, whose healing power was known from the Olmecs, Aztecs and Mayas.

Many natural foods have these types of compounds, but chocolate is very special. It has some very important effects. After the study that was done in normal animals, it was repeated in sick animals, specifically animals that showed to suffer what in humans is known as muscular dystrophy.

“Dark cocoa or bitter cocoa is the right product and should be administered in very small quantities. A regular and reasonable consumption that does not provide too many calories, can lead to healthy effects that impact health for the rest of life. When one uses the pure compound or one works with refined compounds, the effect becomes more powerful ”, concluded the doctor and professor Francisco J. Villarreal.


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