The impact of gunpowder on wildlife

The impact of gunpowder on wildlife

December arrives with its Holidays and Social Networks explode with campaigns against pyrotechnics and fireworks. Special care is requested with burns that could be caused in children and is alerted to suffering from the noises of domestic animals.

However, a somewhat forgotten aspect is the damage generated by fireworks, flyers, tacos and other elements, in wildlife, especially in birds, which are one of the most vulnerable animals.

Ana María Castaño, forestry engineer and president of the Antioquia Ornithological Society, explained how these beings suffer with the various Christmas and New Year celebrations.

The first affectation for fauna, explained the expert, is noise. "Explosions scare wild animals far more than humans. They are never ready for an explosion”, He assured.

The unfortunate thing is that as normally the gunpowder is detonated at night, right at the moment of rest of the majority of animals, "the reaction of many is to flee from the resting place and they do not consider it a safe place again”.

The engineer also highlighted that the pollution generated by the gunpowder, both from the material that is burned and remains in the air and from the sticks of the flyers that fall uncontrollably and become entangled in the trees, is harmful. "Chunks of wood can end up hitting wildlife as they fall. In addition, balloons loaded with fireworks can also cause fires in ecosystems, which end up putting plant cover at risk", He said.

Birds are one of those who suffer the most from gunpowder

In Colombia, for example, there are 1909 species of birds and it is considered the country with the highest biodiversity of these animals, since 19% of those that exist on the planet inhabit its territory.

In the case of Valle de Aburrá, where the traditional dawn takes place on December 1, the number of species is also high. There live more than 430 species that are seriously affected by gunpowder.

Birds are extremely sensitive to explosions. Their heart rate increases to the point that they literally die of heart attack from fright"Castaño commented.

For this reason, in the morning after dawn or any other celebration with gunpowder, it is very common to find dead birds because, unlike human beings, who are capable of rationalizing fear, "wild animals do not have any mechanism that explains what it is about and that is what kills them”.

For the president of the SAO, the message during this holiday period is to put yourself in the shoes of the wild animals.

If I am resting at home, an explosion sounds, I leave terrified and I have nowhere to go, it will be a bad night. And if, in addition to that, I consider that my normal place of residence is no longer safe, it is much more serious because I have to rearrange my entire life due to a threat that, unfortunately, will be repeated multiple times throughout the month of December”, He declared.

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