Healthy nutrition for children thanks to Stella Cinnamon

Healthy nutrition for children thanks to Stella Cinnamon

Ensure ahealthy nutrition for children it is one of the most important duties of parents and of school facilities that offer a canteen service.

L'World Health Organization and almost all doctors agree in recommending one varied diet in which they abound fruits and vegetables. Without forgetting the need to consistently practice a good dose of physical activity.

One of the main obstacles to ensuring ahealthy nutrition for children it consists of the taste of the foods that should be eaten which often does not correspond to the tastes of our children.

It thus becomes essential to introduce from the first years of life a playful relationship with food that allows us to overcome the initial mistrust of our little ones and to get them accustomed to flavors other than that of foods richer in sugars and for this more welcome but less healthy!

An “even more successful” strategy is to involve children in the preparation of food, making them protagonists in the creation of the dishes they will then have to eat.

And here we are met in order to successfully implement this strategy "Cinnamon star", A collection of 14 nursery rhymes written by Claudia Barzaghi that tell the adventures of a kitten who loves to cook and her friends, with the help of illustrations by Gabriele Dell’Acqua and a preface by Patrizia Pasanisi, Nutritionist Epidemiologist.

To gather some more information on the reasons that led the author to create this collection and to have some "exclusive additional tips" to convince our children to eat healthy food they do not like, we contacted Claudia Barzaghi who replied as follows to our 3 questions:

1) How did you make the decision to write "Cinnamon Star"?

In “Stella Cannella” I tried to merge three apparently very distant dimensions: fiction, cooking and childhood. The result is an unprecedented and original cocktail. A game of mirrors in which each of these elements reflects the other by enhancing it. I chose the rhythm and the music of the nursery rhyme to make the themes and contents that are transmitted to the child in the course of the book more immediate and fun, without depriving them of their relevance. Furthermore, the nursery rhyme keeps all its capacity for intact give children and adults a truly unique sharing experience.

2) Are the recommendations in the book also partially applicable to adult nutrition?

Very often adults, called to their educational mission, have to go back to re-educating themselves a little, rediscovering reasons and motivations for their actions. Nutrition is no exception: it is precisely by educating children to a conscious relationship with food that we "adults", more and more addicted to the flavors designed in the laboratory, can rediscover the ability to appreciate the authenticity and genuineness of dishes made in home. And fully understand that this is the healthiest, fairest and most sustainable way.

3) Can she reveal a mommy trick to persuade a child to eat healthy food that they don't like

There storytelling and the game they are two very useful and at the same time fun tools that we can use to bypass obstacles of this kind. We unleash our creativity without fear, we invent new dishes, we elaborate variations. It doesn't take much: the touch of a particular spice, the combination with a food more pleasing to the child, an aesthetically pleasing presentation of the dish. All seasoned with a short story or a game that involves some of the ingredients used in a fantastic or metaphorical key. On the other hand, it is important not to accustom children to eat industrially processed foods, with standardized flavors, which in the long run harness our senses and their ability to really "feel", to recognize and appreciate the subtlest nuances. As it happens, those that characterize the simplest, healthiest and most genuine foods.

I just have to congratulate the author for her collection of nursery rhymes that can help mothers in their mission to ensure ahealthy nutrition to their children.

Stella Cinnamon can be purchased online on Amazon“, In the flexible cover version, for only 10.20 Euros.

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