Piaggio electric bikes

Piaggio electric bikes

Piaggio electric bikes: versions of theWi-Bike, thePiaggio electric bike. All the info on Piaggio eBike.

Wi-BikeofPiaggio it's more than just a simple oneelectric bicycle. To date, the project has two models ofelectric bicycleswith five different versions.

Users who intend to buy onebicycle electric, among other models on the market, can evaluate the lineWi-Bike Comfortis Wi-Bike Active.

With the wi-bike comfort line, the user has the following models available: unisex comfort, comfort plus and unisex comfort plus. Prices ofPiaggio electric bikesjust mentioned are:

  • 2899 euros for the Piaggio electric bike Comfort Unisex
    It is a versatile bicycle, equipped with hydraulic suspension forks, suspension saddle, ergonomic grips and other elements that can be adjusted to ensure maximum comfort. Available in both black and white and total black.
  • 3199 euros for thePiaggio electric bikeComfort Plus unisex
    In addition to what was seen in the previous model, chrome finishes, a leather saddle and other sophisticated style choices are added.
  • 3299 euros for the electric bicycle Piaggio Comfort Plus
    It differs in a slightly retro style, a comfortable seat, ergonomic handlebar and a glossy black frame (chrome color).

Prices ofPiaggio electric bikesof the lineWi-Bike Activethey are not very far from those just seen. In particular we have the Active and Acrive Plus models.

  • 2899 euros for the Piaggio electric bikeActive
    The frame is available in matt black or glossy white. It features the luggage rack and mudguards. Features front lights and rear reflector signal.
  • 3499 euros for thePiaggio electric bikeActive Plus
    It sees leather details, a frame to choose between military green and matt metallic aluminum- The rims have finishes, respectively, red or in the same color as the military green. it does not have luggage racks and mudguards.

All models in the comfort line are equipped with luggage racks, mudguards and lights.

As is clear, to distinguish the models ofPiaggio electric bicyclesare the stylistic choices and the materials used. It is on the basis of these details that a more or less high cost is found. The technology behindPiaggio ebikeit is the same.

Autonomy of Piaggio electric bikes

All versions are powered by a 250W electric motor, designed and manufactured by Piaggio in Italy. ThePiaggio ebikethey can reach a maximum speed of 25 km / h so as to be approved for road circulation without the need for a license plate or license.

L'autonomyof thePiaggio electric bikesit reaches 120 km in Eco mode and in “favorable terrain” conditions. Thanks to the autonomy it is possible to exploit aPiaggio electric biketo go to the office without too many worries about the residual charge.

Each Wi-Bike electric bicycle is equipped with an integrated GPS / GSM system that is proposed as an anti-theft to be used via APP on Smartphone, to never lose sight of the position of the bike. Once parked, if the bicycle is moved it will automatically send an alert to the owner.

Another feature is the Bluetooth connectivity that the pedal vehicle ensures to interact and communicate with the smartphone. Thanks to the modeFitnessit will be possible to monitor heart rate, average walking speeds, calorie consumption and other biometric values ​​to watch directly on the Smartphone.

TherePiaggio wibike electric bikeallows you to choose between 10 levels of pedaling assistance so as to always optimize battery consumption based on the desire to pedal.

For lovers offitness, do not miss the B-Fit program, in addition, the electric bike has a large number of accessories so as to facilitate the use of the bicycle also for the transport of documents and other materials that can be useful in everyday life.

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