Natural remedies for sinusitis

Natural remedies for sinusitis

Natural sinusitis remedies: the list of remedies to soothe the symptoms of sinusitis. From home remedies to medical treatment.

Theresinusitisit is an inflammation affecting the mucous membranes of the paranasal sinuses. The first symptom is related to sinus congestion which may appear swollen. Thecausesof thesinusitisthey can be the most diverse, the most common is related to allergies and air quality: allergens present in the air we breathe can trigger recurrent sinuses up to the chronicity of the condition that can last for several months.

Medicine offers multiple treatments for sinusitis: antibiotics, anti-inflammatories and in extreme cases surgery can be used. If you suffer fromsinisitisdo not hesitate to talk to your doctor who, better than anyone else, will be able to point you therecaremore adequate. On this page we will focus on those who are the natural remedies which can relieve this nasal infection.

Sinusitis, the symptoms

THEsymptomsof thesinusitismore frequent they see swelling, pain, localized pressure in different areas of the face depending on the paranasal sinus involved. Aisymptoms of sinusitisi can be addedsymptomsnonspecific inflammation or infection, namely: headache, fever, rhinorrhea with mucus, fat cough and even toothache.

The non-specific symptoms listed above are not uncommon, this is because thesinusitiscauses a stagnation of mucus within the paranasal sinuses. In this way, an ideal “den” is created for the proliferation of bacteria that arrive from the airways (nasal or oropharyngeal cavity). In this scenario, the outbreak of an inflammation or infection is formed which gives rise to headache, feverish states and the other symptoms listed above.

Sinusitis, the cure

It is increasingly importantcurethe disease rather than alleviate the ailments caused by the symptoms but let's face it: when we are sick we would like an immediate solution and our main concern is tofeel better. If you suffer fromsinusitisrecurring, more than thatnatural remediesa definitive cure would be needed. In case of sinusitis recurrent, in addition to talking to your doctor, try to understand themcauses and make the following assessments:

  • Consider buying an air purifier.
  • Beware of domestic pollution by following the advice of our guideHow to avoid domestic pollution.
  • Strengthen your immune system.
  • Pay attention to food additives.
  • If you are allergic, analyze the causes of the allergy.

Natural Sinusitis Remedies

In this paragraph we will look at a series ofnatural remediesuseful to soothe the symptoms of sinusitis.

  • 1). Hydration
    Fill up with water. Broth, natural fruit juices (unsweetened), centrifuged ... Hydration has a draining effect on the mucus. Carefully avoid alcoholic beverages, smoking, and caffeine.
  • 2). Spicy foods
    Spicy foods such as caienne or black pepper can work as excellent nasal decongestants.
  • 3). Humidifier
    To the humidifiers of the radiators, add a few drops of essential oil of peppermint, eucalyptus or essential oil of Scots pine.
  • 4). Steam inhalation
    Essential oils can be useful for decongestant fumigations. Among the various essential oils the most indicated against sinusitis is the essential oil of eucalyptus.
  • 5). Nasal irrigation
    Nasal irrigation is recommended for both those who have problems with sinusitis, deviated nasal septum, polyps, both to those suffering from respiratory allergies (for example, allergy to cypress) or simply want to ensure proper nasal hygiene. For nasal irrigations you can use the so-calledLota, even in this case you can take advantage of the properties of eucalyptus essential oil.
    If you don't have one yetlota we advise you to buy one. This small device is easy to use, very practical and has the function of cleaning and clearing the nasal cavity of pollutants, mucus and other substances accumulated by inhalation. To treat sinusitis, the use of the lotus is recommended twice a day.

Where to buy a lota for nasal irrigation? Among the various products on the market we point out the "Neti lota”Proposed on Amazon at a cost of about 18 euros. It is comfortable and functional and allows you to adjust the jet of water that flows along the nasal passages; for all information, please refer to the page:lota for nasal irrigation.

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