Cutting of geranium, instructions

Cutting of geranium, instructions

Cutting of geranium: multiply instructionsgeraniums by cuttings. The video that shows how to take the cutting and how to do the planting. Tips to increase the chances of engraftment.

The propagation of thegeranium by cuttingsit's very simple, in fact whoever wants grow geraniumsit can start like this! Who decides to multiply the geranium by cuttings can start by taking a sprig. THEgeraniumscan be multiplied with three different onescuttings:

  • the tip cutting
    Only the apical area of ​​the branch is taken. Those who do not want to cut any branches from the mother plant can take advantage of annual pruning to do many cuttings of geranium.
  • The branch cutting
    It is important that the branch keep some nodes. The branch must be cut obliquely just a few centimeters from the last knot.
  • The knot cutting
    Only the portion of the branch corresponding to the node is taken.

Regardless of the portion taken, thecutting of geraniumit must be equipped with at least 3 nodes. After taking the cutting, you must remove all the leaves and leave only a couple at the apex.

Geranium is a plant famous for its beautiful flowers but also for its healing properties. For all further information, please refer to the pageessential oil of geranium.

When to make the geranium cutting, the period

When to multiply geraniums by cuttings?The most suitable period falls with the beginning of spring or autumn. In the first mild days of spring, or at the beginning of autumn, take twigs on average 10-15 cm long from the mother plant.

Thecuttings of geraniumthey root quickly: 30 - 40 days should be enough and in particularly promising cases you should see the first new leaves appear after 20 - 30 days. During this waiting period it is necessary to keep the soil always moist.

Geranium cutting, how to do it

In this paragraph we will see, step by step, the instructions on how to multiply geraniums by cuttings.

  • 1). Choose a thriving healthy mother plant.
  • 2). Take the number ofcuttingsthat you wish to plant. The most promising cuttings are the tip cuttings, i.e. taken the terminal portion of a branch. Make sure this has two or three nodes.
  • 3). Cut obliquely, using scissors or a sharp knife. Make sure that the blade used is sterile (wash it with alcohol before cutting). The cutting should be about 10-15 cm long.
  • 4). Let the cutting dry by leaving it in the shade for a day.
  • 5). Root the cutting by implanting it in a 6 - 8 cm diameter jar; as an alternative to the vase you can use tubs of artisan ice cream washed with care and specially drilled on the bottom.

After these 5 simple steps, you just have to wait for the rooting period.

For the first week, keep the cuttings in the shade and only afterwards can you gradually expose them to light.

If you are going to do numerouscuttings of geraniums, you can place them in an expanded polystyrene box filled with sand or with the classic soil for flowers lightened with a good dose of sand.

Transplanting into a larger pot (13 cm in diameter) can only be done when the plant has shown clear signs of vegetative growth.

To facilitate rooting, you can soak the base of thecutting of geraniumin a stimulating product for cuttings like the Radicante Clonex, offered on Amazon with free shipping at a price of about 13 euros. Since geranium is a plant that reproduces very easily by cutting, this step is not essential but if after a few attempts yourcuttingsdo not take root, it could be an excellent solution. In any case, if you use the rooting, the waiting times for rooting and for the vegetative restart will be shorter.

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How to make the Geranium cutting, the video

The following video shows the instructions to docuttings of geraniumswith the knot cutting but the procedure is almost identical to that described above. The one difference is that the branch taken is also cut in the upper part. For other tips on thecultivation of geranium we refer you to the pagehow to cure geranium.

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