Grow borage in pots or in the garden

Grow borage in pots or in the garden

Grow borage: instructions oncultivation of boragein the garden or in pots. From multiplication to cultivation needs.

Therecultivation of borageit is widespread both for the production of the oil from its seeds, and for its nutritional properties and for uses in the kitchen.

Thereofficinal borage orwild borage, botanically known asborago officinalis, is an annual herbaceous plant of the family ofBoraginaceae. This plant grows spontaneously in most of Europe, including Italy.

In the garden or in a vase, theborageyou cancultivateas annual plants. It can reach 80 cm in height, is equipped with large elliptical, petiolate oval leaves, which have a rough down. The dark green leaves reach a length of 10-15cm and are the reason many gardeners startcultivation of boragein pots or in the garden: the leaves are very popular in the kitchen both for their flavor and for their beneficial properties. To find out how to cook borage, please refer to the article on the uses ofBorage in the kitchen.

Cultivating borage: multiplication by seed

To start a cultivation of borageit is advisable to start with sowing: the borage it bears poorly the transplants and even the multiplication by leaf cuttings gives poor results.

For seeds, they are easy to collect in the open field! To harvest the seeds you must wait for flowering and follow the instructions contained in the articlecollect rocket seeds. It is true that the species is different but the seeds of these two plants are collected in a similar way. Those who do not want to wait can buy the seeds at a trusted nursery or by taking advantage of the online purchase: on Amazon a bag of borage seeds is offered at the price of 9 euros with free shipping.

How to grow borage

The collection of the leaves to be used for cooking or for the preparation of infusions can be carried out 2 months after sowing. The suitable period for sowing varies according to the climatic zone and according to the type of sowing:

  • with sowing in the open field, borage seeds must be buried at a depth of 1 cm. The best time is in early spring, when temperatures have reached 10 ° C.
  • Indoor sowing can take place from January to April.
  • In southern Italy it can be sown from March to July; in fact, in areas with a mild climate where it rarely freezes, it is possible to sow even in autumn and then collect borage in the first months of spring.

For thecultivationin the open field, theborage seedlingsshould be spaced 20 centimeters from each other. You can also grow them on the edge of the garden, in a sunny place.

For thegrow borage in pots, choose well-drained, soft and fertile soil. Thereborageit develops very quickly and will give life to a lush plant: choose large enough containers!

During the cultivation you will not have to do any repotting, so cultivate the borage by planting the well developed seedling after sowing indoors, or sow directly in pots. If the climate is mild, the seeds will germinate extremely quickly. Also in this case, borage seeds must be planted at a depth of just under one centimeter. After sowing, keep the soil moist.

At the bottom of the pot add a layer of expanded clay to ensure proper drainage.

With borage in bloom, to avoid having to buy a new sachet of seeds every year, remember to harvest them. Borage seeds are very precious and have a high cost in the food industry: from the shemi of borage a vegetable oil with excellent virtues is extracted; for all information, please refer to the article dedicated to benefits of borage oil.

Place the pot full alone or in partial shade and proceed with timely irrigation in the driest periods of the year.

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