Video kittens: why they like them so much

Video kittens: why they like them so much

The phenomenon took the name of Cat Bombing. Even well-known Italian politicians have been victims of it: the message boards were found invaded by video kittens. The creators of the Kitten project, as it is called, have caught the great viral success of the kitten videos and they used them as "messengers of love on the message boards of those who take it too seriously", creating gods virtual flash mob.

Let's take a step back, this is a consequence, one of the many as it is who is distracted in the office for these videos, but all this makes us understand the power of this type of video. Evident to all, so much so that many expert psychologists have developed studies to understand the reason for this fatal attraction which, even unsuspected subjects, find themselves undergoing.

Among the gurus who have spent time watching kitten videos wondering why, there is also the psychologist Ad Vingerhoets, professor of behavioral sciences atUniversity of Tilburg, which gives us a rather interesting answer. THE kittens, like the puppies of other animals, they awaken the instinct for protection and care of those who look at them.

In particular, it is their physical characteristics that fit us almost against our will: we press play, perhaps expecting to smile in front of a funny little hairy thing, and we find ourselves compulsively clicking on thesevideo more and more moved than amused.

Big, rounded eyes, chubby cheeks, big head with a thin body following. Clumsy movements of those who feel great but are not. Attitude of great explorers when instead of in the jungle, the cute kittens are exploring the kitchen corridor or the anteroom.

What chemistry cannot: looking at a puppy, whether human or animal, would accelerate the production of, according to many experts oxytocin. This friendship hormone and maternal affection makes us more altruistic and more able to focus our attention on the here and now and on the subject that makes us tenderness, sweeping away global problems. It makes our movements sweeter, as if ikittens that we see in the videos were ... "caress".

With oxytocin, dopamine also increases, linked to the "reward circuit" that rewards behaviors that benefit the species. That's why they are appreciated all over the world, surpassing cultures, languages, geographies and eras.

Last year in the top ten of the most viewed there was the grandiose cat in tenth place and the talking one in ninth, tracing the dramatic gaze of a cat in front of an apocalyptic film. But in seventh place there is onefight between kittens with surprise, and the surprise is the 31.9 million users!

A kitten is also the one that wallows in the tub in its sixth place, black, wet and strangely happy. It is already more than a teenager feline pianist in fifth place but that stalker, in fourth, is certainly not of age. Comic, yes it is. On the podium, in third place of the most viewed, cat mom with offspring, shamelessly to recall, as we shall see, that sense of protection that puppies and children stimulate in most living beings.

In second place, the meows of two cats chatting placidly as if they were two classmates, "and the winner is" - yes, in spite of tenderness - the "very angry" cat who conquers with a bestial "scream" 88 millions of users. Beyond the ranking, indicative, just take a look at the social networks to see how that of kitten videos, is really ... "a monkey".

They all are funny, all video-kittens that are successful, because even if what triggers is tenderness, the reason why you often start browsing through the videos of these little feline kittens is to have a laugh. Between a business call and another, or while sipping a coffee at your desk. Or on your smartphone, waiting for the train.

In many videos i kittens they are struggling with music.

Kittens playing

Among the thousand games that i kittens they do in the videos, there are also trivial ones, my personal opinion, with scenes that are quite frequent in the life of those who like me have and have always had kittens, not virtual, but "in fur and claws" around the house. Kittens who chase a game or a thread, who let themselves be deceived by a shadow, who, on two legs, try to catch a sleeve or a ribbon hanging from the sofa. But here we have a video about a kitten professional: a cat massager! :-)

Tender by definition, i kittens, they may be more tender than average from time to time. Like these who are about to fall asleep. In particular, this example confirms the thesis of the psychologist I quoted. Don't you remember a baby? Doesn't it leverage our protective instinct? I challenge you.

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