Air exchange, the most efficient solutions

Air exchange, the most efficient solutions

Air exchange at home, on premises or in the office: how to do iair changesand which devices to use (extractors, mechanical ventilation, heat recovery ...) beyondnatural ventilation.

Theair exchangeit is essential to avoid problems of humidity, mold and domestic pollution. Thanks toair changesit will be possible to eliminate polluting particles, reduce the risk of asthma and allergies and above all reduce the danger of carbon monoxide fumes associated with the use of fireplaces, stoves or boilers with insufficient draft. THEair changesthey are essential for eliminating bad smells in the house.

For unpleasant smells in the kitchen we are used to activating the hood capable of sucking in the fumes and vapors produced by cooking food. Like the kitchen, the bathroom is also an environment with a high risk of humidity that may require the adoption ofaspirators and air extractors. Theair exchange in the premisesin which there are no windows that allow the natural ventilation it can be operated with mechanical ventilation which can be natural or controlled.

Air exchange in rooms with windows

In rooms where there are windows, it is possibleventilate the roomtaking advantage of natural ventilation. When the outside temperatures are very extreme (excessive heat or cold), opening the windows will cause an overload for the heating system in winter and cooling in summer.

To maximize theair exchangeand impact to a minimum on the summer or winter air conditioner, rather than keeping the window ajar, it is recommended to open it for a few minutes. It takes a couple of minutes toventilate a roomwide. Who, from a single window, wants to execute theair exchangeof the entire house, should not go beyond 10 minutes.

Take advantage of natural ventilation

There are ad hoc systems to exploit thenatural ventilationto generate vortexes of air. Such systems would be better to design them at the same time as the construction of the building, however it is possible to fine-tune them even later.

A very old natural ventilation system is thecompluvium, used in the Roman domus and by the Arabs in medieval times. This system consists in opposing two openings (two windows, two doors, a door and a window…) in the same environment. In other words, if you have two openings on opposite walls in your home, you can open them wide to save on summer air conditioning, a vortex of air will be created that can be cooled by placing a basin of cold water in correspondence with the less sunny window.

If you are planning a renovation, when studying the arrangement of the windows in the house, take into account this simple principle that will allow you to maximize thenatural ventilationand save on the use of summer air conditioners.

Mechanical ventilation systems

If opening windows may seem like the obvious solution to do theair exchange in the house or in public places, this strategy is not without contraindications. Opening the windows we face two problems:

  • - noise pollution
  • - dissipation of thermal energy (heated or cooled air)

In order not to give up the housing comfrot, there are systems of mechanical ventilation with heat recovery.

How does a controlled mechanical ventilation system with heat recovery work?

A plant of Controlled Mechanical Ventilation with heat recovery is a system that allowsair extraction spoiled by humid rooms (kitchen, bathroom, laundry room, closet, public places) and which, at the same time, takes the new air outside and releases it into the bedrooms and living room. The new air introduced is naturally filtered and pre-treated by one heat exchanger which recovers the thermal energy of the extracted air.

Vacuum cleaners for bathroom and kitchen

The vacuum cleaners are equipped with fans capable of creating a vortexof airwhich generates arecirculationto avoidcondensation, humidity on the walls smoke hoods in rooms where there is a chimney ... These systems are often calledair extractors, they are compact and to minimize the encumbrance it is possible to choose built-in models.

When purchasing anyventilation system, you will need to make acalculation of the air flow.

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