Treat plants affected by hail

Treat plants affected by hail

Hail in the garden: remedies and protection. How to protect crops and treatments to cure plants affected by hail.

THEdamage from hail on the gardencan be avoided upstream by adoptinghail protection to be mounted on the cultivation surface; however, if your garden is very large and you don't want to incur expenses, you can take advantage of some remedies for treat plants affected by hail.

The most obvious damage that hail causes in the garden consists in the formation of wounds on the plant and fruit. Generally, the plant is able to independently heal this wound, the only drawback is that a plant with lacerations is much more exposed to parasites, so it risks dying due to the most common fungal or viral diseases.

Protect the plants during the healing process

The first thing to do fortreat plants affected by hailconsists of the administration of an antimicrobial product to prevent parasites and other microbial diseases. In this context, you can use copper-based products (sulphate, oxychloride, hydroxide ...) permitted in organic farming, or natural remediessuch as grapefruit seed extract or the hydroalcoholic solution of propolis.

Treat plants affected by hail

You can act on plants directly or through soil care. Generally, hail causes the formation of a hard crust on the soil of the garden. This crust does not allow a change of air for the root system which, without the adequate supply of oxygen, die because they are unable to absorb neither water nor nutrients.

After a strong hail, it will be necessary to break the surface crusts formed in the garden. Act with adequate weeding to restore the permeability of the soil.

Even those who have adopted the technique ofmulch, after stronghailit will be necessary to check that the surface of the soil has not formed crusts.

If the plants affected by the hail were in the fruiting phase, check your crop, if the fruit has severe lacerations and you expect it will no longer be suitable for consumption, remove it! It is advisable to remove all the fruits damaged by hail so that the plant does not invest other energy in bringing them to maturity, the same energy the plant can invest in developing new flowers and generating healthy fruit.

Following thedamage to agriculturecaused by hail, treatment withchitosan.Chitosan is a sugar derived from chitin, a substance naturally present in the integuments of insects and in the cell walls of fungi.

Chitosan induces on the plant the development of a kind of immunity against fungi, viruses and parasitic bacteria.

Protection structures and anti-hail net

Before intervening with restorative treatments as seen in the previous paragraph, it is possibleprotect the garden from hail damagetaking advantage of the appropriateanti-hail nets.

Theanti-hail netsthey are easy to assemble: you will only need support hoses or perimeter poles where you can fix them. Although the assembly is simple it should not be taken lightly: theanti-hail nets must be well fixed, stretched from all sides, their approximate assembly could cause more damage than expected, hail could cause the breakdown of the net itself which would ruin thecrops. A anti-hail net fitted well and with care it will last longer. During installation, be very careful not to form pockets.

The shading that the anti-hail net causes on crops does not cause damage; indeed, in some places, this same shading could be useful in protecting the plants from the sun. Those who want to limit theshadingproduced by these structures, can choose someanti-hail netswhite in color… Pay attention! In some places in Italy, white nets are prohibited for landscape reasons.

Where to buy a protective structure such as the anti-hail net?

You can go to theGarden centermore provided or take advantage of online trading. Regardless of where you buy theanti-hail nets, make sure you operate a correctsizingand choose a quality product.

Good quality nets are thickened on the sides, this perimeter reinforcement allows for easier assembly and longer life of the network. Among the products with the best value for money we point out:

Anti-hail net, dimensions 5 x 4 meters
This hail protection measuring 500 x 400 cm, is offered on Amazon at a price of 25.97 euros with free shipping.

Anti-hail net, dimensions 6 x 10 m
This anti-hail net measuring 600 x 10,000 cm is offered on Amazon at a price of 37.88 euros with shipping costs included in the price.

Both products are robust, durable and have strong thickening.

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