How to renew an old piece of furniture

How to renew an old piece of furniture

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How to renovate an old wooden piece of furniture: instructions for restoring and recovering an old wooden piece of furniture. How to remove scratches from wood, small repairs and how to do new finishes.

Not allwooden furniturethey gorestoredin the same way, also a lot depends on the result you want to obtain. This is a general guide that will explain to youhow to renovate an old wooden furniturehighlighting what are the most common recovery interventions.

Forrenovate an old furnitureyou may need some or all of the materials listed below:

  • putty and splint
  • Paint - Acrylic colors - Water-based colors
  • Brush
  • Sander / grinder
  • Sand paper
  • Beeswax or shellac

Other useful materials:wood reviver, ceralegno, scratch remover for wood, cementite, hydrogen peroxide, ammonia, caustic soda ...

How to renovate an old wooden piece of furniture

  • - Preliminary work

The first thing to do isclean the wooden cabineteliminating any residual dirt. If necessary, the furniture must be degreased and, if necessary, the old paint must be removed using sandpaper.

Any intervention must be done on a compact, homogeneous and not rough surface. If themobilehas handles and knobs, it is preferable to disassemble them or, if they are interlocking and it is difficult to remove, you can cover them with adhesive paper.

  • - Apply the putty

If themobilepresentsholesand very deep scratches, they must be covered with putty.The hole plugged with the putty must then be smoothed in order to eliminate the excess product. If you plug the holes in the furniture with putty, remember that before carrying out further interventions you will have to wait from 24 to 48 hours as prescribed on the putty pack used.

  • - Cementite

If you have removed any residue of the old paint with the sandpaper, you will need to pass a cementite base. Cementite is a petrifying opaque paint that acts as a background for the most diverse wood finishes (glossy, natural, lacquered, opaque…).

  • - Wood reviver

If you are not going to remove the old paint, you canrenovate the furnitureusing a wood reviver. It is useful for renovating chairs, fixtures, frames and any already painted wood material. Wood brighteners are able to give a new brightness and revive the color of the original finish. It is recommended to use it for outdoor furniture and wooden objects and to be renewed annually. A definitive and most recommended solution involves the use of shellac.

  • - Eliminate small scratches

Scratches and scuffs on furniture can be removed very easily. Detailed instructions have been provided in the articles:

– How to remove scratches from wood
– How to remove scratches from furniture

The simplest and cheapest way to remove scratches from old wooden furniture, even if it isdeep scratches, consists in the use of wax sticks that goloosewith a simple lighter and used to physically "fill in" the scratch.

  • - Shellac for renovating lacquered or glossy wooden furniture

If an old lacquered furniture has now become dull and not very shiny, it is possible to operate with a simple nail polish remover to clean it in depth. Remove any scratches with wax and polish it with shellac. What do you need? Alcohol or nail polish remover, brush with semi-soft bristles and shellac.

Where to buy shellac? On Amazon, choose the one you think is more convenient by visiting the “Shellac on Amazon“ page.

Here's how to proceed:

  1. Dip the brush in the solvent.
  2. Gently brush into the scratched area until the scratch is removed.
  3. If the surface becomes dull, clean thoroughly and apply a layer of shellac.

Thereshellacit is particularly suitable for polishing, protecting and preserving wood. It is a blend of selected natural elements such as beeswax, carnauba wax and pure turpentine.

Thanks to the shellac treatment, on the one hand you are going to renew the wood and on the other you will protect it from scratches and dust. For more information on the use of thesealing wax or shellacwe refer you to the articlehow to polish furniture.

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