How to remove paint from wood

How to remove paint from wood

How to remove paint from wood: Step-by-step instructions for removing old paint from wood to give new life to furniture, tables, boats and other wooden items.

First of all, prepare the work surface: place the object fromstrippingon a table supported by two easels. Work in a comfortable place, possibly outdoors with good ventilation but without windy currents. The dust released by removing the old paint from the wood is harmful so you should avoid inhaling them by protecting your respiratory tract with an anti-dust mask.

How to remove paint from wood

Essentially, the ways to remove the old paint from the wood there are three:

  • Scraper, sandpaper and white spirit
    These three accessories are very useful for removing thepaintfrom a very dated wood. When the wood is placed in direct sunlight, the paint tends to lift naturally from the wood. If the piece of wood to be stripped is very dated, you will probably only need these three components.
  • Paint remover
    The stripper is a very aggressive product that is left to lay on the wood and lifts the paint. Only after the stripper has been applied will it be possible to remove the old paint with a scraper, sandpaper and white spirit.
  • Sander
    The sander is recommended for large areas fromstripping, it is essential if you need to remove paint from a closet, table or boat. It is a good alternative to the paint stripper as it is a mechanical means with no chemical risks to health.

How to remove paint from wood with the sander

The sander is a rather cheap tool: lovers of online purchases can buy good models of sander even with a budget of 20 - 30 euros.

The use of the sander forremove the paint from the woodit's simple: just attach the sandpaper to the hooks located at the base of the sander. Hold the appliance with the appropriate support if you pass it on the surface fromstrippingwithout applying any pressure. After "removed the bulk ", change the sandpaper to a finer grit.

How to remove paint from wood with the paint stripper

The paint remover should be applied outdoors, possibly in a well-ventilated area. The paint remover is easy to use, just apply it on the entire surface to be treated with a brush. Let the product act for the times indicated on the label and then remove thepaintusing a scraper. To obtain a smoother and more homogeneous surface, sand with 80 and then 120 grit sandpaper.

On the market it is possible to find paint strippers at a price of 6 - 7 euros.

Updateonly recently are biodegradable paint strippers spreading, less harmful to human health and the environment. These are new generation products that are safe for those who use them. Highly recommended if you find yourself working in a closed environment. Among the various products on the market we point out the professional paint remover without DMC proposed on Amazon at the price of 14.71 euros with free shipping.

How to remove paint from wood with a scraper and sandpaper

After passing the paint remover, thewood paintingit will tend to rise up spot-on. Similarly, if the wood paint is sufficiently dated, you can try to remove it using a scraper directly.

After using the scraper, you will have to sand first with a coarse-grained sandpaper and then with a fine-grained sandpaper.

During the work, wear a mask to protect yourself from dust.

After removing the most labile paint with a scraper, wipe the surface of the wood to be stripped with a cloth soaked in white spirit. Sand until you get the desired result.

Between one phase and another (before moving from the scraper to white spirit or from sandpaper to white spirit), clean the surface of the wood by removing all paint residues and dust. For cleaning, you can rely on a compressed air gun connected to a compressor or a compressed air spray can. Alternatively you can use brushes even if in this case the work will be longer.

For remove the paint from corners or grooves, use a sponge soaked with paint remover or a metal brush.

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