How to store food, anti waste tricks

How to store food, anti waste tricks

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How to store food: several tricks to preserve some foods that easily tend to decompose such as bananas, strawberries, etc.

How much food is wasted due to poor storage! While not wanting to throw away food, it happens to be forced to do so; in fact, many foods begin to decompose before consuming them: what to do to avoid this waste of food?

In most cases, this happens when food is not stored properly or due to environmental conditions that accelerate the ripening process.

The negative impact that food waste entails on the environment and on our pockets must lead us to take more responsible attitudes: luckily we can avoid food waste by implementing some simple tricks, starting with the precautions to be used in the kitchen to prolong the food expiry date.

How to store food


Onion is a vegetable that can be stored for up to two weeks, it should be placed in a cool, moisture-free place.
If you want to keep it for longer you can use this simple trick:
Cut the onion into small pieces, transfer everything to a plastic container and store in the freezer. Whenever you want to use it, it will be sufficient to defrost the necessary amount and it will be perfectly preserved.

Alternatively, you can use another trick which consists in putting in a pair of old tights to hang in a dry, cool and dark place; in this mood they will last up to 8 months. The only recommendation is to put them one by one in the "legs" of the socks, and separate one vegetable from the other with a knot. When you need one, just cut the compartment of the lowest onion with a pair of scissors


Strawberries are a very delicate fruit; they are short-lived especially when exposed to heat and humidity. To prevent them from getting moldy you can use this trick
Prepare a mixture with 1 part of vinegar and 10 of water. Pour the mixture into a bottle with a nebulizer and spray on the strawberries. Once this is done, use kitchen paper to dry them and remove excess water. If the strawberries are starting to ripen anyway, you may want to chop them and put them in the freezer. The pulp can be used to make smoothies, jams, crushed cocktails such as capiroska.

The cheese

The cheese should always be kept in the fridge. If you want to keep the freshness of the cheese for 3 or 4 more days, you can use this trick
Take some fresh butter and spread around the cheese.
Remember to store the cheese in an airtight container to prevent contamination.


The problem with bananas is that they tend to ripen very quickly; they are part of the so-called “climacteric fruits” that is, which continue to ripen even after being detached from the plant and which in the final phase of ripening increase the production of ethylene.
In order to keep bananas longer and prevent them from spoiling, you can use this trick. Take some plastic wrap and wrap the root of the bananas until it is completely covered.

Even storing bananas separately from each other and not in a single bunch can extend their life


Apples generally have a long shelf life, as long as they are stored at the right temperature and away from other foods. If cut, the apples oxidize and in a few hours they will be thrown away. If you have a piece of apple left, put it in a bowl with water and lemon to prevent it from blackening.

The bread

Fresh bread should preferably be stored in the paper or cotton bag, at a temperature of about 20 ° C, and in a dry place.
Avoid storing bread in plastic bags; it will tend to become rubbery and mold more easily. If you have any leftover you can freeze it, after cutting it into slices and removing all the air from the freezer bags.


If you buy dried herbs, be sure to store them in a cool, dry place. Fresh herbs, on the other hand, tend to last less, but there is a special trick to avoid wasting them.

Finely chop your herbs, put them in a mold of ice cubes and then cover them with olive oil. Put the mold in the freezer, you will obtain practical "cubes" to be used to season any dish at the moment.

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