How to reuse rice cooking water

How to reuse rice cooking water

How to reuse the rice cooking water: advice on recycling rice water for skin and hair care. The properties of rice water and many tips for reusing it at home.

Rice is a staple food in any part of the globe. How many times have we made rice? Lots of them: risottos, salads, arancini ... While the grains of rice end up on the plate, the rice cooking water, too often, must be thrown away: nothing more wrong!

The rice cooking water has a large number of beneficial properties so that it can be used in natural DIY cosmetics. On this page we will see just how to reuse rice water and make the most of its properties.

For centuries, women have used rice water and rice starch as a garnish of beauty. Traditionally, rice water as a beauty remedy was mainly used in China and Japan. Even now in Asia, rice cooking water is one of the most popular beauty secrets.

Rice water for hair care

Rice water for hair care? Why not?! To convince you, just think that the Yao ethnic women, in the village of Huangluo (in China) are popular for having the highest average hair length in the world, it is in this location that the highest record is recorded (Guinness Primati) in hair length with a woman who had 180 cm long hair.

Packs with rice water will help you have brighter hair. Rice water is used for its detangling properties, it helps make hair more manageable

Rice water for skin care

Rice water is rich in antioxidants, minerals, B vitamins and E vitamins; In Asian culture, women traditionally used fermented rice water for facial care. The fermented rice water is slightly acidic and is rich in a substance known as "Pitera". This substance was only recently discovered and quickly became famous for its anti-aging properties.

Just think that it is the basic ingredient of several wrinkle creams. Fermented rice water can be used as a cleanser for cleansing the face. It has tonic properties so it reduces pores and brightens the skin.

Rice cooking water for oily skin care

The rice cooking water can be used as a natural make-up remover for the face as long as you do not use products such as waterproof mascara (water resistant). Those on the hunt for remedies for oily skin can use the face cooking water to cleanse the skin or for daily face care (you can use the face cooking water to wash your face).

How to use the cooking water on the skin?

When the rice is ready, drain it and store the water in an airtight glass container. Before applying the cooking water to the skin, keep it in the refrigerator and apply it when it is cold using a cotton swab.

Rice cooking water to drink

In countries like Mexico, it is traditional to flavor rice water with cinnamon and sweeten it with sugar. It should be drunk accompanied by dairy products and dried fruit.

Rice cooking water ally against encrustations on dishes

The rice cooking water can be used to wash the dishes. In fact, hot water, if poured into dishes with encrustations, facilitates their detachment after laying them for about ten minutes; then just proceed with a sponge and detergent.

Important recommendation: yeswe highly recommend eating white rice and we recommend eating brown rice, because these wonderful properties are no longer present in refined rice.

And if you have some rice left over, you can take advantage of it to prepare very tasty recipes, in this regard we suggest reading the article "What to do with rice leftovers"

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