How to make a false ceiling

How to make a false ceiling

How to make a false ceiling correctly. Thecountertopallows us to vary the height of a room, insert dividing walls more easily and integrate, in the ceiling, air conditioning systems, LED spotlights, light paths and much more.

On this page we will see how to make the false ceilings correctly, from installation to materials.

Do not start the work from scratch but, at the outset, carry out a careful planning with pen and paper. In the project you have to choose the type of panels to use by establishing the thickness of the material, frame, grid and surface to be covered. Inmake a false ceilingwe must not forget that there are minimum heights to be respected to maintain the habitable environment.

The heights of a living room vary from municipality to municipality, however they generally range between 240 and 270 cm. When choosing the material and thickness of the panels, we must not forget the purpose of your ceiling, if you need the false ceiling to increase the thermal efficiency of the building, then you will need insulating panels!

The most used material formake false ceilingsand thedrywall. Drywall offers decent thermal insulation, is very flexible and relatively easy to handle.

On the market it is possible to find simple plasterboard sheets (smooth, rectangular or square surface) or decorated in the most disparate ways.

Where should the plasterboard sheets of the suspended ceiling be fixed?

In the case of a wooden floor, the plasterboard panels can be applied directly to the ceiling beams. If the attic is not made of wood, you will need a support structure modulated according to the size of the room. The metal support frame can be fixed in suspension to the slab above the floor. In this context, you will need steel hangers.

The metal frame is a kind ofgridwith very large meshes that will take on the load of holding the wholecountertop. You will understand that it is necessary to size this structure correctly because this is where the stability of the work depends. On the metal support frame, iplasterboard panelsrepresenting thecountertop, must be fixed dry using screws or self-tapping nails.

How to make a false ceiling

For therealization of a false ceiling, the first crucial element is the metal framework described above. Attention should also be paid to the gap that will be formed between the plasterboard panels and the existing ceiling.

In this gap it is possible to insert soundproofing or thermal insulation materials such as rock wool panels, polystyrene panels ... For more information, please read How to insulate a suspended ceiling. In fact, the cavity is very useful for several purposes: it is possible to install elements of the air conditioning system, a controlled ventilation system, LED spotlights and paths, electrical corrugations of various kinds.

When fixing the plasterboard panels to the metal frame, self-tapping screws or nails must be applied every 200 mm. After the dry installation of the plasterboard panels, they must be "sealed" with each other by means of an abundant and homogeneous layer of stucco that must be spread along the perimeter of the plasterboard panels.

Only after the putty will it be possible to fix the micro-perforated reinforcement tape with the rough side facing the slab. The tape should be centered in the middle of the joint and should be covered with an additional layer of putty.

Anyone who prefers to use self-adhesive mesh instead of the micro-perforated reinforcement tape will still have to apply a subsequent coat of putty. The substrate to be painted can only be passed when the stucco layer is dry and completely homogeneous.

Air conditioning in the false ceiling

As stated, thecountertopit can be used for housing various systems, including air conditioning systems. The air conditioning system works thanks to two machines: an internal split and an external unit. The indoor unit can be integrated into thecountertop and the fresh (or hot) air can be distributed more evenly through vents inserted in thecountertop.

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