Rice water, uses and benefits

Rice water, uses and benefits

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Uses and benefits of rice water: many recipes for body and hair care that involve the use of rice water.

Often the best remedies are contained in the simplest and most natural things. Rice stands out among the pearls of nature: in addition to being an excellent food for its innumerable nutritional properties, rice is also a formidable beauty recipe, just take advantage of that milky-colored liquid that you usually tend to throw away. . For more information, read "How to reuse rice cooking water"

Rice water has high amounts of antioxidants, minerals, vitamin E and other active ingredients that make it a powerful ally for the body; can be used as a facial tonic, hair mask, medicinal drink, etc.

For centuries, women have used rice water and rice starch as a garnish of beauty. Traditionally, rice water as a beauty remedy was mainly used in China and Japan. Even now in Asia, rice cooking water is one of the most popular beauty secrets.
On this page we will show you how to prepare rice water at home and how to use it. Take note!

How to prepare rice water

Many think that rice water is the liquid that is obtained after leaving the cereal to soak before cooking it, however, real rice water is obtained by boiling the rice in an abundant amount of water.

  • Ingredients

-100 grams of organic white rice
-1 liter of water

  • Preparation

1) Pour the water into a large pot and let it boil

2) After boiling, add the rice and simmer over low heat for 20 minutes

3) After 20 minutes, pour the rice and transfer its liquid into a glass container with an airtight seal

4) Store the product in the refrigerator

How to use rice water, do-it-yourself remedies

During cooking, the rice releases a large amount of B-complex vitamins, folic acid, minerals and antioxidants which remain concentrated in the water. Thanks to these benefits, rice water can be used as a solution to various aesthetic and health problems.

Natural conditioner

For the care of your hair, you can use this liquid instead of conventional conditioners; just pour the product onto wet hair, leave it on for a few minutes and rinse with warm water. For those with frizzy and brittle hair, we recommend applying coconut water to the hair three times a week. Thanks to the presence of inositol, rice water improves the elasticity of the hair, preventing it from breaking or getting damaged.

Skin tonic

Rice water is effective in removing dead cells and improving the action of agents that mitigate the impact of UV rays. This water provides the skin with natural antioxidants that reduce the action of free radicals (substances that promote and enhance premature aging). We strongly advise you to use this product instead of the classic tonic that you buy in perfumery.

To apply, just moisten a cotton swab with rice water, rub lightly on a clean face and let it dry. Do not rinse the product so it can act overnight. Repeat the application every evening

Anti acne treatment

Thanks to its anti-inflammatory action, coconut water is an excellent natural remedy for eliminating pimples caused by acne. Unlike other acne treatments, this one does not contain harsh chemicals and leaves the skin soft. Apply the rice water directly on the pimples with a cotton swab. Repeat the treatment twice a day every evening

Remedy for diarrhea

Rice water is a good option for treating the symptoms of diarrhea; just drink a glass with the addition of a pinch of salt twice a day.

Treatment against eczema

Thanks to the presence of starch in rice, this product is particularly suitable for treating eczema. It can be used to relieve itching, irritation and dryness. Just apply a little rice water on the affected areas two or three times a day.

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