Kuvasz: character and puppies

Kuvasz: character and puppies

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Kuvasz, a shepherd dog that comes from Hungary and is now considered a breed with remote origins, so much so that it is with absolute certainty among the oldest ones from Asian areas. In Italy it is not very present, but it deserves all our attention for both character available, both for its very faithful and sweet dog appearance, white and only white, withcandid and genuine nature.

The Kuvasz dog

The Kuvasz it is a large-sized dog, without any doubt, since the measure of the height at the withers indicated by the official standard is 71-75 cm, for the male. Females are slightly shorter but slightly. The physique of this animal has a really nice appearance, expresses power and at the same time it is not rough or stocky, but agile and distinguished.

The body in its entirety is not stretched, we can imagine it inscribed in a square, the mass is important for all the muscles and hair, the former are very developed not only on the limbs but also on the chest and chest. The trunk is square and robust, it has a solid and tight air, while the head expresses nobility and strength, it is long and at the top also wide while the muzzle becomes narrow up to the pitch black nose.

The stop of Kuvasz it is not very pronounced, the eyes are almond-shaped, positioned obliquely and of various shades of brown but above all tending to dark. The ears have a particular "V" shape but not pointed: they are inserted high and do not remain adherent to the head, they come off and then fall flat. Moving on to the queue, that of the Kuvasz dog it is set low, reaching up to the hock but the tip is always a little bent upwards.

As for the hair, it is always white, and always short, straight and very thick on the head and front of the legs. On the trunk, on the other hand, as well as on the limbs and on the tail, it is a little bit longer and wavy, forming crests and also very nice tufts. The Kuvasz it also has an undercoat, woolly and fine, while the hair of coverage it is rough to the touch but does not feel felted.

Kuvasz: character

The first aspect that will strike us when we meet a Kuvasz in our life as dog lovers it will be his intelligence: amazing! And he is also smart, as a dog, but in the good sense of the word, because he doesn't use his cunning to cheat us if we are his masters.

It is in fact always sweet and affectionate with his host family, in general he has a courageous and very proud character, because he does not forget at all that he was born and must remain an excellent shepherd. The Kuvasz is very obedient and diligent, he trains easily even compared to other races coming from his lands and that we will see later.

Kuvasz: puppies

Fin Kuvasz as a child it is not an animal that requires a lot of care, especially because it enjoys good health, it is rather rustic and very resistant. It is certainly not very logical to keep him in the apartment if we don't have a garden, for the size, first of all, but also for its mood. He would fall ill with sadness and lack of air, even more if he was a puppy. If, on the other hand, we have a green space in which to keep it, just ensure it is adequately fed and brush it regularly, for the rest it does not pretend that pampering, in a measured dose.

In fact, he has always been used to being alone, ever since it was imported by the primitive Hungarians in very ancient times. This is the most accredited version of its origin but in truth there are others and the doubt has not yet been resolved. There are some experts who think the Kuvasz was introduced into the Carpathian basin, following the people of “Koumans”, nomadic shepherds of Turkish origin.

Kuvasz: farms

The ENCI site does not report certified farms dedicated to the breed of Kuvasz but there is an Italian association that deals with this breed which you can ask how to find a puppy. The site is and contains a lot of interesting information on this beautiful Hungarian breed whose most recurring defects are, for example, a clear eye, coat colors other than white, poorly worn ears, smooth and not very thick hair and an aggressive or shy character. Even worse if also scary.

Hungarian Kuvasz

The Kuvasz as a Hungarian dog is accompanied by his fellow countrymen all little known in our part, at least until now. Of course this breed is now more widespread than the "Komondor", also because it has a more calm character, but we always talk about numbers that touch double digits, at the level of specimens declared by ENCI. Other breeds that originated in Hungary are those of thePumi dog, of the Mudi dog he was born in Puli dog

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