Drinking water from moisture thanks to Warka Water

Drinking water from moisture thanks to Warka Water

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Drinking water from humidity thanks to Warka Water is a possible and achievable dream, it is a project by a courageous, ingenious and visionary architect who, by dint of looking far away, arrived in Africa with a practical solution to the problem from lack of safe and accessible water sources. Helping the populations on other fronts too. There is also a campaign of crowdfunding to accompany him on this adventure.

Warka Water: what it is

The one baptized Warka Water it is a bamboo structure a little over ten meters high that produces water, exploiting the phenomenon of air condensation, in a quantity that varies and depends on the weather conditions, but a community can draw up to 100 liters a day, . It is therefore a real water collection tower, reticular, with triangular mesh, made of bamboo, a natural material moreover easily available.

Warka Water it is simple and weighs only 80 kg, so that it can be built by the villagers who host it and benefit from it. A group of 7 or 8 people can engage in stacking the 5 modules that make it up without having to use complicated construction site devices and vehicles. Within this bamboo tower hides a network of textile polyethylene, a particular totally recyclable fabric that is shown to be able to collect drinking water from the air by condensation.

In fact this is the "secret" of Warka Water: he does not just look at the falling rain, storing it, but he gets busy and "captures" the particles of water in the atmosphere. Simply put, you know transform fog, dew and humidity into drinking water.

Warka Water: goal

It was the Italian firm “Architecture and vision"To think of this intelligent structure and did so thinking of being able to ensure that in countries where available water sources are unhealthy or distant, there could be drinking water available to the inhabitants.

The idea is to push ourselves to help in countries like India and Colombia, and gradually where there is a need, for now Warka Water is dealing with a land likeEthiopia who certainly needs water. In this area, women and children above all find themselves traveling long distances to access sources of water that are not always 100% safe, also given the use by livestock.

The project Warka Water seems the optimal solution and actually fits perfectly for what is the current situation of this country, but we need the funds, the funds and the will of all those who look up and open the tap do not wash their hands of the problems of those who lives elsewhere. There is in fact one crowdfunding campaign active.

Warka Water: the project

The creator of this water dispensing tower is Arturo Vittori, architect of the Architecture and Vision studio who with the support of the Italian Cultural Center of Addis Ababa and EiABC (Ethiopian Institute of Architecture, Building Construction and City Development) developed and carried out the project Warka Water. A recognition - not the only one - also came from Venice Architecture Biennale where he made his debut in 2012 and 2016.

Warka Water: meaning

Understanding what it is, what it is for and who is behind this beautiful idea, we can allow ourselves to take away the most frivolous curiosity regarding the origin of its name. "Warka"Comes from the Ethiopian language and indicates the fig tree, a rather large plant and above all a symbol of fertility and abundance. Just what Warka Water wants to bring.

For more information you can visit the Warka Water official website

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