Steam oven, how it works

Steam oven, how it works

Steam oven, how it works and lots of information on prices, opinions and features. News on sous vide cooking in a steam oven.

Thesteam ovenit is famous for the cooking offered: it manages to preserve the quality of food and enhance the flavor of the dishes. Thesteam ovencan be combined withvacuum cooking and other types of cooking offered by the oven: static and ventilated.

Steam oven, how it works

There are different types of on the marketsteam ovens, those exclusively with steam and those "combinedIe multiple function. How does a steam oven?This machine has a tank to be filled with water. The water contained in the side tank is heated by an internal boiler and "vaporized" inside the cooking chamber.

The steam oven arouses a lot of interest due to the wide range of adjustment. Unlike the classic steam generators, the steam oven allows cooking at low temperatures, even at levels lower than that of boiling water!

The low temperature cooking offered by the steam oven is healthier and, in the opinion of the Chefs, even “tastier”. Cooking food at low temperatures means preserving the organoleptic qualities of a food, preserving its texture and nutritional properties. The best steam ovens can be set with a temperature ranging from 30 to 100 ° C for steam cooking.

The recipes for the steam oven include a preliminary phase, that of vacuum packing! The best chefs recommend vacuum sealing foods first, in a bell-shaped appliance, in order to obtain a more uniform cooking. Air is a poor conductor of heat and prevents homogeneous cooking of the food. In addition, vacuum cooking does not disperse liquids and micronutrients.

Thanks to its functioning, the steam oven is able to return soft, juicy, tasty dishes and preserve the consistency and nutritional properties of the food.

Steam ovens, prices and models

If we talk about cost, a steam oven requires more effort than a traditional electric oven.

The prices of steam ovens commercial(non-professional) are very diverse but generally do not exceed 800 euros. Among the most popular models we point out the Electrolux Rex ROB 6440 AOX which can be bought online at a price of 474.71 euros with free shipping. It is an innovative multifunction oven from the Rex Electrolux line. This oven not only cooks with steam but offers other cooking methods. The steam tank is refilled by means of a (retractable) filling tank located to the right of the front panel.

Steam cooking allows you to preserve more than 50% of the vitamins compared to other cooking methods and save energy equal to 20% while maintaining the flavors.

Professional steam ovens, prices

The speech of thepricesit changes substantially if we talk about aprofessional steam oven. The most performing steam ovens are generally accompanied by a vacuum drawer so as to offer a dual function but above all a uniform steam cooking and without dispersion of vitamins and mineral salts. A true professional type machine, therefore aprofessional steam ovenit can be bought with a cost starting from 1,500 euros.

We know that foods lose micronutrients (minerals and vitamins) during cooking; to cause the loss of micronutrients, on the one hand is the heat and on the other the contact between food and water. With steam cooking, in a vacuum environment, food cooks more evenly and preserves most of the micronutrients.

An example of a professional steam oven is proposed by the Miele brand. Thesteam oven with combined cookingMiele XL DGC 6800 can be combined with a drawer for making vacuum packing (product codemod. EVS 6214).The temperature is adjustable between 40 and 100 ° C. The onlycombi steam oven, without a drawer for the vacuum, is offered at a price of € 4,599.40 (prices excluding VAT).

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