Garden photovoltaic panels

Garden photovoltaic panels

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Garden photovoltaic panels: prices and offers to install (with thedo-it-yourself) solar modules to illuminate the outside of your home or create small independent electric generators.

L'solar power it can be an excellent alternative to illuminate your garden in the evening. The outdoor LED lamps, powered byphotovoltaic modules, are perfect for lighting the entrance to the house or the garden, especially since they are powered by clean energy and they don't need annoying wires or expensive connections to the home electrical network.

Garden photovoltaic panels for lighting

In general, the systems ofgarden lighting, powered by solar energy, are made up of a group ofPhotovoltaic cellslinked to an LED lamp which can be more or less powerful. To differ between model and models and to affect thepricepurchasing these devices are five factors:

  • the design
  • the materials used
  • the power of the LED expressed inlumen
  • the power ofphotovoltaic moduleintegrated

Then there are othersoptionalsuch as the possibility of changing the color of the LED which can emit red, blue, purple, yellow light on command… Some lighting systems powered by solar energy can be managed remotely using smartphone applications.

When it comes to garden furniture, the more expensive models seephotovoltaic panels linked to LEDs that integrate perfectly with any architectural style, emit a strong light and can mark paths or outline the perimeter of the path.

How do solar garden lighting systems work?
THEsolar panels integrated in the luminous device convert the sunlight (available during the day) into electricity that is supplied during the night. During the day, the solar energy converted into electricity is stored in the accumulators contained within the same luminous device. Each solar-powered spotlight or lantern is an autonomous unit and can be placed anywhere, away from electrical sockets.

On the market there are several garden lighting systems powered by photovoltaic modules. On this page we will show you those with the best value for money and which have proven to have a good yield over time.

The reflectors shown in the photo above consist of a support with a height of 28 cm plus a stake that must be buried in the ground to anchor the spotlights to the ground (the stake is about 12 cm long). These devices are very resistant to atmospheric agents and were born to emit soft light, able to trace paths and create a soft atmosphere in the garden.

The internal accumulators will allow the LED to activate automatically when the sun goes down. The built-in batteries allow the LED to emit light up to 6 - 7 hours after dusk.

On Amazon, a set of 6 lights can be bought at a price of 25.99 euros with free shipping. For all information, please refer to the official page: Set of 6 LED lantern lights powered by solar panels.

Another valid choice is shown in the opening photo above and in the photo preceding this line. These are LED lights powered by solar energy that are hung along walls and fences. Also in this case they are completely waterproof and resistant products. The design offers a modern and attractive look that perfectly matches the white emitted by the LED. These lights are available in both white and black. With a promotional price of 20 euros, on Amazon, you buy the set of 4 lights. The same lights can also be found in large shopping centers specializing in gardening items, but in this case the price ranges from 30 to 40 euros. For all product information: Litom, solar garden light.

They are easy to install

All solar powered lighting devices are easy to install. They do not require any wiring and have no running costs. Solar-powered spotlights are a perfect way to illuminate the edges of a lawn or the edges of the house entrance. They ensure greater safety and since they turn on automatically, consider installing it in the atrium of the house as well: automatically, they can shed light on the lock hole when you come home!

If you are looking forphotovoltaic lampsor more powerful lighting solutions, which are not limited to emitting a soft light but are able to illuminate a table or an entire gazebo, please refer to the page dedicated toPhotovoltaic garden lamps.

Garden photovoltaic panels to produce electricity

There are many producers who offersolar panelscompact size and can be installed in the garden. If you do not have a large area available, however, do not expect to be able to meet the needs of your home!

THEgarden photovoltaic panelsthey are born to bring electricity even in the absence of the electricity grid. If you want to bring lighting and electricity to your tool shed or country chicken coop, these compact devices are for you! In fact, they are created to power surveillance systems, alarms, lighting systems, irrigation pumps, wells ... We are talking about island or stand-alone photovoltaic systems. For all information on these power systems, please read the article dedicated toIndependent photovoltaic system.

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