Homemade fabric softener

Homemade fabric softener

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Homemade fabric softener: little tricks to protect our favorite clothes, neutralize bad smells and make them even more pleasant to wear.

Those who love to use natural remedies for the care of their clothes can replace the traditional softener with the homemade one. A do-it-yourself fabric softener offers countless advantages: it is cheap, it does not contain substances that are harmful to the environment and to our health.

Many researches have shown that fabric softener is among the most polluting detergents due to the presence of non-biodegradable petroleum derivatives and highly dangerous chemicals such as benzyl acetate or chloroform. These are substances that can cause allergic reactions such as dermatitis and asthma attacks.
The preparation of a softener at home requires the use of natural ingredients that are readily available in our pantries. This is the case with bicarbonate, vinegar, salt, cyric acid ...

Homemade fabric softener, the recipes

Making a DIY natural fabric softener is really very simple; anyone can make one with ingredients and instructions. In this regard, we will show you 4 recipes to make your clothes soft without side effects for our health and the environment. As for the fragrances, we can add a few drops of our favorite essential oil.

Homemade softener with baking soda and salt

With only the use of two very cheap ingredients present in our pantry, we can prepare an excellent DIY fabric softener. These are baking soda and salt. 300 grams of salt, 50 grams of baking soda and 20 drops of your favorite essential oil are enough. Pour the ingredients into a container with a lid; first the salt with the drops of essential oil then the baking soda. Alternatively, it is possible to put the baking soda only at the time of washing to make the most of its neutralizing action.

The dose for each single wash is 2-3 tablespoons, just put the mixture in the basket before rinsing. If you put the baking soda aside, you will need 10 grams per load.

Homemade fabric softener with vinegar

The most used ingredient to soften clothes in a natural way is vinegar. Practical, economical and very effective, vinegar alone or combined with other ingredients softens, deodorizes and perfectly cleanses garments.
The preparation is very simple, pour 5 liters of vinegar and 40 drops of 100% pure essential oil in a container with a lid then mix vigorously.

The use of vinegar is particularly recommended to enhance darker garments, but also to eliminate the typical sweat stains that ruin whites. Unlike other similar products, this organic fabric softener also safeguards the health of the washing machine. In fact, it facilitates the elimination of limescale, soap and mold remains.
Pour the product into the softener compartment before rinsing. Half a cup is enough for medium and small laundry, while for larger loads it is preferable to use a cup.

If you prefer to add essential oils only at the time of rinsing, a dozen drops are enough for each laundry to be added to the tray.

Homemade fabric softener with lavender

Another really effective DIY softener is given by the combination of vinegar, baking soda and lavender essential oil. To prepare, just pour 80 grams of baking soda, 1 liter of vinegar and 20 drops of lavender essential oil into the container. Be careful to first mix the baking soda with the vinegar as in the recipe, then add the lavender oil.
The serving consists of 2 tablespoons for a small load and 8 for larger loads.
Lavender, in addition to giving a pleasant smell that lasts over time, also has refreshing, invigorating and relaxing properties.

Other options….

To make a natural homemade softener with whitening power, we can take advantage of the properties of lemon or orange essential oil.

How about trying these recipes and starting to improve your habits right away?

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