Storage of fresh chestnuts

Storage of fresh chestnuts

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Techniques for conservation of fresh chestnuts and raw. How to store fresh chestnuts for long periods, even throughout the year. Advice on how to cook chestnuts and where to collect them.

The period ofchestnuts and to collect them, you don't need to have a chestnut wood in the garden: during the beautiful autumn days we can go to the nearest wood to go hunting for chestnuts ready for harvest.

Where to collect chestnuts

Wooded areas are ideal forcollect chestnuts and the same rules apply as for mushroom picking. In fact, mushrooms and chestnuts are a perfect combination!

Not all wooded areas are suitable for the free harvest of chestnuts and mushrooms. Unsuitable wooded areas are those adopted asreservesor howprivate crops. The wooded reserves and wooded areas intended for private cultivation are easy to identify: there are usually warning signs and ... if you notice a very clean undergrowth, with few wild herbs, it will surely be destined for private cultivation.

It is equally important to understand if in one's own Region there are constraints that impose a daily collection limit; in general, for chestnuts, in some regions of Italy, a maximum limit of 2 kg of chestnuts per person is set.

Returning to the question where to collect chestnuts, the wooded areas with the presence of chestnut trees, are many.

Starting from the Northern regions, we point out the area ofSoffumbergo Valley, in the province of Udine and the woods ofMonte Sacro and Campo dei Fioriin the province of Varese. Who wonders aboutwhere to collect chestnuts in Piedmont, will have to go to Normaglio and Canavese. In Trentino, the area to be sifted is that of the Val di Cembra. In Emilia Romagna there is even aChestnut path(between Montombraro, Fellicarolo, Fontanaluccia, Magrignana and Monzone) while in Tuscany the amount of wooded areas is surprising and you are spoiled for choice. In Calabria the right place forcollect chestnutsit is the Silla while those who want to collect chestnuts in Sicily can start from the wooded area adjacent to the Etna Park.

How to collect chestnuts

After seeingwhere to collect chestnuts, we give you some tips on how to collect them without pricking yourself with the hedgehog.

Also pay attention to picking good chestnuts! How to recognize good chestnuts? They are those with intact skin, without holes and above all with a firm consistency. All the details on how chestnuts are harvested are available in the guide articleHow to collect chestnuts.

Storage of fresh chestnuts:how to store raw chestnuts

Thechestnuts, once collected, if left untreated they have a short life and will not be possiblekeep them for a long timeto consume a little bit of it.

Fortunately, there are techniques ofconservation of chestnutswhich allow you to store raw or cooked chestnuts. For cooking chestnuts we invite you to read our guide "How to cook chestnuts". Below we explain the methods ofstorageof thefresh and raw chestnuts.

Preservation of chestnuts with the Novena method

This system consists in putting thechestnuts in bathin cold water for a period of 9 days, remembering to change the water daily. Eliminate chestnuts that rise to the surface (even those that rise to the surface in the last few days). The shells remaining at the bottom of the container must be dried thoroughly and then placed in the refrigerator. Thereconservation of fresh chestnutswith this method it can reach and exceed three months.

Freeze the chestnuts

Chestnuts can be stored in the freezer but only after being washed and carefully checked. Wash the chestnuts, dry them and cut the shell before placing them in a freezer bag. Once frozen, chestnuts can be stored for a long time and cooked in a pan or boiled, just as if they were just picked. To clean the chestnuts and carve them, you can use a grafting knife or a special tool such as Chestnut cutter from Tescoma.

For all chestnut storage methods:how to store chestnuts

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