How to clean the gutter

How to clean the gutter

How to clean the gutter: instructions on cleaning the gutters and on routine maintenance to be dedicated to the gutter on the roof.

Therecleaning of the eavesit is an operation to be performed annually. It's possibleclean the guttermanually or with the help of automated robots. Therecleaning the gutteris one of the many jobs to be completed for the correctmaintenanceof the House.

Warning! If your copper or metal gutter is now ruined, consider replacing it with a more robust PVC gutter. You can carry out the assembly yourself by following the advice of our guideHow to mount a PVC gutter.

When to clean the eaves

If the gutters are cleaned annually, you will prevent dirt deposits from obstructing the passage of water. If your house is placed in the shade of large trees, cleaning should be done more frequently.

The leaves that accumulate in thegutters, in the long run, they can damage the eaves and its supports; this is why we must act promptly.

How to clean the gutter

Cleaning the gutter is very easy, you can save on the cost of professional labor by performing a do-it-yourself cleaning, however consider that for this house maintenance work you will need specific equipment for your safety.

By cleaning the gutter, dirt and debris accumulated in the drainage channels are mechanically removed. This operation, in itself, is simple, the only drawback is that the guttersthey are difficult to access: they are on the roof!

To access the gutters you need a long ladder and technical equipment to ensure your safety; the same is true if it is necessary to clean the gutter of the condominium.

How to DIY Clean the Gutter:what is needed

Use a sturdy ladder, equipped with holding hooks (these are safe anchors to the wall), a pair of gloves and all the technical equipment that can guarantee your safety.

When you go up the ladder, you will only have access to a limited portion of the eaves, in order toto cleanthe entire line can be equipped with specific or artisanal tools. The photo above shows a tool for the cleaning of the eaves, the only drawback is that it is equipped with a telescopic handle of only 135 cm. On the market there are ad hoc brooms with handles that can stretch up to 4 meters, very comfortable for clean the eaves in a short time.

How to clean the gutter without getting on the roof

Anyone who suffers from vertigo or simply wants to avoid the dangers of work carried out on the ladder, canclean the guttersfrom the ground, without accessing the roof. In this context, it is essential to have a professional cleaning tool capable of removing leaves and dirt from the drains.

In reality, such tools allow you to move and accumulate dirt in a single point, acting comfortably from the ground and therefore without accessing the roof; to remove the dirt you can drag down the pile just collected using the special broom, but the most fussy (and those who don't want to dirty the floor in a wild way) will still have to use a ladder but this time they will have to limit themselves to removing the leaves already collected in a single point, without performing any operation from the ladder and above all without "ups and downs".

Among the tools on the market we point out two:

Product # 1 from Amazon: Gutter Broom with Multi Purpose Head
Professional tool expandable up to 4 meters, cost: about 40 euros including shipping costs.

Product # 2 from Amazon: Fiskars Quikfit Fiskars Gutter Cleaner
This professional tool comes with two angle adjustable tools. The price is 21.78 euros (free shipping) and is compatible with all Quikfit telescopic handles, so I can reach even over 4 meters.

Gutters, maintenance

To limit maintenance work, you can equip your gutters with a protective mesh with narrow mesh. The gutter nets allow access to water but prevent the accumulation of large debris and foliage. For all information, please refer to the Amazon page:Relaxdays - Gutter protection, however, you can use any fine mesh to be anchored to the gutter (copper, aluminum, plastic…) with suitable locking systems that do not damage the drainage channel.

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