Medium black schnauzer

Medium black schnauzer

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Medium black schnauzer, a dog that comes from Germany and is also known in other formats. The "dwarf" and the "giant" one. Beyond the size, this breed belongs to the Pinscher, Schnauzer, Molosser and Swiss Cattle Dog group also because you will find that it is always the same dog "reproduced" by nature on a different scale. The body of the Medium Black Schnauzer is sturdy, compact and can almost be inscribed in a square, the head has a particular and characteristic shape, a little geometric but which inspires harmony and elegance.

Medium black schnauzer: characteristics

The Medium black schnauzer it is medium because at the withers it measures if male, from 45 to 50 cm, if female a little less. The trunk of this animal is square but balanced with limbs and head, compact and muscular, supported by equally muscular, straight and solid limbs with which it advances with a proud, rhythmic and casual step.

The tail accompanies it, it is set high and almost always remains upwards, the head is massive like the rest of the body but elongated, with a marked stop and a nose that is always black and fairly broad. The ears of the medium black Schnauzer they are set high like the tail, they are very straight and they are not very long, they have a V shape, with a folded tip.

The eyes are oval and always dark whatever the coloration of the coat, in our case it is black so we have a “ton sur ton”. It can also be pepper-salt, however, and is always rough, hard, strong and thick, with a woolly undercoat, with very particular beard and eyebrows that make it Medium black schnauzer impossible to confuse.

Medium black schnauzer: character

The character of this German dog is a lot strong but balanced at the same time. The medium black Schnauzer, not because black but because Schnauzer, he is impetuous and knows how to become very fond of his master. If the small size is usually more suitable as a companion dog, our "M" is most often used for the guard, the "XL" for defense.

The fact remains that they are a very intelligent and easily trainable, obedient and child-friendly breed of dogs. With strangers they are wary, they do not immediately give confidence, they must study their intentions. The medium black Schnauzer also fits in an apartment if it has space, but is better in a house with a garden.

Medium black schnauzer puppies

The puppies of Medium black schnauzer they are the first Schnauzer puppies because those of the giant and the dwarf arrived later, all of them have very ancient origins and in common with the Terriers. Both dogs were born to help out hunters, Terriers continued their careers while doing so Medium black schnauzer has taken a different path by becoming a guard and defense dog. We find it in many paintings and prints already from the 15th century, alongside horses and stagecoaches, today we find it in many family portraits alongside children and mothers-in-law.

S.medium black chnauzer breeding

In Italy this breed is quite well known and widespread, there are about thirty farms that deal with it as reported by the ENCI website, many of these also have the "M" size. The Italian regions with the most farms are Lombardy, with 7 structures, and Piedmont, with 6, in third place there are tied, Sicily and Marche with 3.

Medium black schnauzer: price

The price of a copy of Medium black schnauzer it is around 1000 euros. Much depends on the pedigree of each dog and the use you want to make of it. There are recurring defects, for example, which are not appreciated by purists but who who keeps this dog at home as a matter of company, can very well tolerate. A deviated jaw, poorly worn ears, light eyes, too long or smooth hair, a small head or limbs not upright. Nothing unforgivable for a magnificent intelligent dog like this.

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