Multiutility: definition and meaning

Multiutility: definition and meaning

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Multiutility, a word that some connect to the concept of bills to pay but it is not exactly. Let's find out what it is actually about since they are intertwined with our daily life much more often than we think. A light on, a paid parking, a public transport taken to go to work: le Multiutility they are present, in silence but providing the service that is making our life more comfortable in that instant. Not only that, of course, otherwise they wouldn't be called "Multi".

Multiutility: definition

By definition one Multiutility, which in Italian has its exact name, multiservice company, provides two or more than two public services. It is a company, usually dealing with management car parks, public lighting or the waste cycle or the integrated water service that provides for the collection, supply and purification of water.

There are multiservice companies that are dedicated to environmental services, others distribute electricity and / or gas, but there are also examples in the telecommunications sector not to mention that of public transport, local and otherwise.

Multiutility: meaning

The Multiutility they are not an Italian specificity, I will make tricolor examples of them because they can maybe play better, around the world but there are some and much bigger than ours. A company of this type can be public or private capital.

In the first case it acquires the management of services according to the in house providing model, if instead one Multiutility is private capital to be awarded the provision of services must participate in a tender, the same happens with those with mixed public / private capital.

Mergers can also take place between companies of this type incorporations among some of them, even reading the newspapers, among the news not for specialists, there are often cases in which these movements of Multiutility they are carried out to repair poor financial situations by the smallest subjects.

Italian multiutility

Many of us will have heard of Iren SpA? It's a Multiutility active in Liguria, Piedmont and Emilia. And of A2A SpA? We find it in Lombardy with other local holdings. In parts of Emilia, Romagna, Marche, Veneto and Friuli-Venezia-Giuli we can come across the name "Hera SpA " and also that of Acea SpA may sound familiar to many, especially if they reside in Tuscany, Umbria and Lazio.

They are all multiservice company operating in Italy, often born from the aggregation by incorporation of former municipal companies into inter-regional assets, coexist with the special companies that derive from municipal companies. I have not named them all, but in general they are more numerous in the center-north

Multiutility card

There Multiutility card does not always have to do with what we have talked about so far, more often this is called a card, a card, which allows us to use more services. It is certainly a convenience for those who forget or lose the many loyalty cards or anything else. On a large scale the Multiutility they also avoid a lot of waste, saving us from producing a card for each public or private service we use every day.

Multiutility: self-readings

Returning to Multiutility we were talking about, we often hear about self-reading and usually for gas, electricity and services of this kind. Each company has its own directions in merit but it is generally a question of communicating by reading one's own consumption, for example, without anyone knocking on the door.

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