Decluttering: meaning and advice

Decluttering: meaning and advice

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Decluttering, an English term that seems almost onomatopoeic. It sounds like a gesture of liberation, as if we were breaking the chains that imprison us. Actually Decluttering is something similar, it frees us from the superfluous that sometimes can be an unconscious prison where we stay longer than necessary. It is never too late, but do not delay, to put your life and your spaces in order, if you do not feel at ease.

The Decluttering it is a declaration of war on those "things" that weigh us down, in a metaphorical, mental and social sense. This physical action has strong effects on the emotional sphere and we will go out sweaty, a little dusty for having overturned the house from top to bottom, but unquestionably satisfied. I've tried, and it works! And in the following zero days, he struggles to find what he needs, to clean, to think.

Decluttering: meaning

To those who condemn the use of English words, in the common speaking Italian, I will dislike this word, often associated with another non-Italian term, the "space clearing". Yet the concept it defines is fascinating and useful: it is the art of getting rid of all that is superfluous, saying goodbye to the many objects, both to those that remind us of bad moments now archived, and to those to whom we attribute too much importance. Literally Decluttering means making room, eliminating what is bulky.

Decluttering: tips

First of all, let's not start snorting at the idea of ​​starting this work of liberation, it is not a simple "cleaning" or "tidying up" but a change of life. Of life and almost at home because once the Decluttering the rooms will be unrecognizable as well as the wardrobes and our approach to life.

The question we must ask ourselves, object by object, is "Is it actually useful to me?". So let's not ask ourselves if it's cute and if we are fond of a dress, an ornament or an accessory, this is not the way to do it. Correct decluttering but a mockery.

You can even think about breaking the Multi-session decluttering but they have to be scheduled in advance and regular, otherwise laziness will win. We can also be encouraged by the idea that once space has been created in the house, it can be better managed, perhaps by informing us on how to best ensure that convey a feeling of balance. The energies must be able to flow into the rooms and if there are too many junk they cannot.

When we are in the Decluttering, let's not look back because the useless objects will try to be rescued from the pile, blackmailing us with the force of melancholy.

Decluttering cabinet

When we approach a cupboard for the Decluttering, we must have in mind that all the content the content must be divided into three categories: objects to keep, objects to sell, items to trade or give as gifts. Then there will be packaging too, but those are thick recyclable and will go to separate collection.

The best time to clean the superfluous in the closets is that of change of season: let's take every dress, shoe or accessory in our hands and ask ourselves if we will wear it in a year or if it is better to give it away or throw it away.

Usually throwing something away is sad, so if a suit is still in good condition, let's try to understand who it can still be useful to, especially thinking about associations and non-profit organizations that help the most needy. There are also communities and online platforms to trade clothing and let's not forget how old clothes are also an excellent raw material for DIY jobs.

Home decluttering

The Decluttering of the whole house, it can be scary, so let's think room by room, but avoid playing the three card game by moving the objects from room to room without throwing anything away. Nothing prevents us from ask for help from our family or friends that maybe he will take some object for us "ugly" and beautiful for him, or some clothes that fit him better.

Also for the Single room decluttering, let's go in order starting with the bookcase or wardrobe and then moving on to smaller furniture and "storage" spaces such as corners and tables.

Decluttering: books

I just say Marie Kondo. Few do not know his book "The magical power of tidying up", if you are among them, hurry up, and if you have already read it, keep it at hand because it is the perfect guide. Explain the Japanese method that transforms our spaces and our life, not in words. Chapter by chapter there are only useful and workable advice, bold remarks, warnings for do not fall into the temptations of accumulation.

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