Fireplace with water or air

Fireplace with water or air

Fireplace with water or air: how to choose the best, pros and cons and all the useful information for heating your home with the fireplace stove.

Thefireplace stoveit is a very useful appliance for heating domestic environments. Thefireplace stoveit is considered as the evolution of the traditional fireplace: it is closed on the front by a thermal glass and allows maximum heat recovery by cutting heat loss.

On the market we findwood and pellet fireplacesor smart fireplaces that work with both types of biomass. When you decide to buy a fireplace stove you don't have to choose only on the type of power supply (pellets, wood or hybrid), you will also have to think about the type of heat propagation, air or water.

Air fireplace, pros and cons

Betweenadvantagesthe cost of air-fired fireplaces certainly figures. The prices of air-fired fireplaces are lower than water-based fireplaces.

Inair fireplacethe heat produced by combustion is distributed in the room to be heated by means of vents. The heat carrier, in this case, is air.

With the fireplace stove it is possible to heat several adjacent rooms, just mount a ducting system capable of transporting hot air to the other neighboring rooms.

Among the disadvantages we remind you that, in the case of a pre-existing heating system, the air fireplace is independent from the heating system of the house. The air fireplace cannot be used for the production of domestic hot water.

Water fireplace, advantages and disadvantages

THEwater fireplaces they can be used to heat multiple rooms or the entire house using the same mechanism as a hot one. The heat carrier is water.

THE water fireplaces, in fact, they transport heat like a methane boiler: they heat the water which, flowing through the radiators, heats the house.

Energy saving with the water thermo fireplace

The excess hot water produced by the fireplace stove can be stored in a special tank (puffer) and kept at a temperature to be supplied, already hot, when needed.

The puffer is a very convenient element for those who are planning to heat the entire house using a water-based fireplace, the only disadvantage is the bulk. A puffer, in fact, looks like a large steel cylinder, is covered with insulating material and to make the price, in addition to the size, is also the type of material used.

The material determines the degree of insulation of the tank, better materials determine a greater maintenance of the water temperature.

Those who aim for energy saving and plan to heat their home with awater-based fireplace,in addition to adopting a puffer for the storage of hot water, it could also consider installing a photovoltaic solar panel. For all the information on these low energy consumption integrations, please refer to the pages:

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Among the advantages of thewater-based fireplacewe point out the possibility of using it as a source for radiant panel heating (baseboard or underfloor heating).

Awater-based fireplaceit can integrate perfectly with the pre-existing heating system. Indeed, thewater-based fireplaceit could completely replace the work of the boiler because it provides the production of domestic hot water and domestic heating just like a gas boiler would.

Water fireplace, prices

Betweenversusof the purchase of a water-based fireplace stove, we certainly point out the higher price than the air-fired ones. In addition, in the absence of a heating system, the costs for the purchase and installation of heat radiators (radiators) will be added to the purchase prices of the fireplace stove.

To get an idea of ​​the prices ofwater fireplaceswe mention the name of some models on the market. The water fireplaceJolly Mecit can be bought at prices from 1,550 euros, the BZCommerciale fireplace stove costs 2,600 euros; “Termoidraulica Orsina” closed fireplaces can be bought at prices between 2,800 and 3,900 euros. Generally, most models of fireplace stoves see prices around 2,000 euros.

Prices go up dramatically when looking for designer water-based fireplaces.

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