Electric dog collars

Electric dog collars

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Electric collars, a training tool often discussed for the pain it causes to the animals that wear it, entrusted to owners who believe in this method. Before create an opinion, let's see how they work and how they have been used in the past, up to the present day, when the discussion is still on and the positions, in contrast.

Electric dog collars

When it comes to Electric collars we mean that series of training collars that send real shocks to the neck of dogs. Intensity and duration vary and we find this type of collar also applied to other parts of the body but always for the same purpose, the electric discharge reaches the wearer's skin. Electric collars via two metal electrodes, there are also models that associate the shock with a tone or a vibration, or let the owner choose whether to "stimulate" the dog with sound or electrical waves.

More interesting, and painless, the functions that, also associated with electric collars, provide the ability to locate the animal via GPS. We can hear about Electric collars also as of Ecollars, remote training collars - which do not reveal the presence of shocks - or electronic collars.

Electric training collars

As mentioned, beyond the opinion that we are creating about the Electric collars, they were designed as a device to make effective thedog training. There are also models that provide very low intensity electrical current levels, it is not difficult to find them on the market and most of the people who buy them intend to use them for correcting harmful behavior of your dog.

Electric collars are not for standard training but for severe training, or for those who must at all costs keep their pet in a certain slice of territory. Also in the military, they are adopted to "train" police dogs, dogs to detect explosives or drugs and defense dogs.

Electric collars for hunting dogs

I have not mentioned as a category, that of hunting dogs even if i Electric collars they were actually born for them, at the end of the sixties, and in those days the power of the shocks was exaggerated. Today they can reach a voltage of 230v and are still used by some hunters in particular situations. For example, when it is necessary to recall your dogs to ensure that they do not chase after prey that cannot be hunted with following dogs. Roe deer, for example.

Electric dog collars: is it legal?

There is a heated controversy on the legality of the electric collar with remote control used to train an animal. There are those who believe that it should be considered a practice that falls within the crimes of animal abuse even if the code would lack the "torture" and would therefore be more than anything else a case of animal abandonment.

This is how the sentence of the Third Criminal Section of the Court of Cassation of 25 May 2016. If we do not want to have trouble, and especially if we do not personally deem it appropriate to use the Electric collars, we can get a "no-bark" model, again for training, but without electric shock. On Amazon, for less than 40 euros, for small dogs there is a model in nylon, resistant and that does not make us risk even a fine.

Electric collars for dogs: opinions

Beyond what the law says, everyone can naturally have their own opinion on the use of electric collars and their safety. As we can imagine, the debate is on, there are opposing positions not only between different factions of pet owners but also between Neighboring countries: some prohibit them, others limit their use without excluding it a priori. Animal rights organizations, professional trainers, producers: there are those who want to ban them and those who only regulate them, those who consider them useful, those who torture without reason and to be condemned.

The impulses transmitted to the dog by these Electric collars they belong to a training practice that often relies on painful stimuli to obtain gods educational achievements, but this can, on the contrary, mark the animals from a psychophysical point of view.

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