Heating the bathroom without radiators

Heating the bathroom without radiators

Solutions for heating the bathroom without radiators: bathroom heating without radiators. Alternative solutions and electric heating appliances.

In the absence of radiators and therefore of a hydraulic system capable of heating the house using fluids, we can bring the heating to the bathroom with different solutions.

Pellet stove for heating the bathroom

If you do not have a natural gas boiler, you can always assume the installation of a biomass system. Biomass stoves (pellets and wood) are not limited to heating the room where they are installed. Biomass stoves, if well ducted, can bring heat to different rooms (even throughout the house), including the bathroom. What you need is a leather (or wood) stove with a ducting system. For all information, please refer to the articlepellet stove for several rooms.

Underfloor heating in the bathroom

Underfloor heating is a very special solution that can only be implemented in the event of major renovations. For all information, please read the page:underfloor heating in the bathroom.

Heating the bathroom without radiators: electrical solutions

Among the solutions to heat the bathroom without radiators we do not mention, on purpose, the air conditioner or inverter air conditioner with heat pomap. Much better the convector, the fan heater or it electric towel warmer. The towel warmer is awall-mounted radiator, traditionally powered by the boiler but there are a large number of electrical appliances on the market. To heat the bathroom, systems such as:

  • electric convector
  • electric fan heater
  • electric towel warmer

Only in particular situations, to heat the bathroom, could the installation of an inverter air conditioner with heat pump be recommended. These devices, in fact, are not very efficient especially in northern Italy.

Heating the bathroom without radiators: electric towel warmers

From a furnishing point of view, theheated towel railthey may have a smooth or "ladder" surface. They are coated with epoxy resins resistant to heat, chemicals and corrosion. The resins can have different colors according to personal tastes. Based on the choice, it is possible to find the right “thermo-furniture” for every need.

There are no power problems either: these heat emitters can work with a hydraulic system (the same as radiators or radiant floor panels), with electrical resistors or in mixed cycle. With the mixed cycle, the towel warmers use the electric resistance for high temperatures and the hydraulic system for low temperatures.

Solutions for heating the bathroom

For completeness, we point out some very useful products forheat the bathroom without a radiator.

750 Watt electric towel warmer
Amazon price: 125 euros with free shipping.

The surface of this appliance is uniformly heated by a resistance with low energy consumption and high calorific power.

This electric towel warmer produces homogeneous and diffused heat by radiation, perfectly drying the towels and ensuring a perfect temperature in the bathroom;

We have reported this product to you because it is among the best on the market (users who have tried it themselves say it), and above all it is bought with an excellent value for money. It is light and easy to install with the DIY: the purchase package does not lack the wall fixing system.

It has different heating intensities and is managed by a knob placed at the end of the heating body.

De Longhi Electric Towel and Fan Heater (Madeira model)
Amazon price: 381.83 euros with free shipping

This product is much more complete because not only heats by radiation in the same way as the previous model, it also integrates, in the lower part of the body, a fan heater capable of boosting the heating when you take a shower or if you want to take a relaxing bath.

So, on the one hand, it keeps the bath warm by ensuring a lukewarm basal temperature, on the other hand, it heats the bath more intensely in times of need.

The appliance can be controlled with a Slim infrared remote control equipped with an LCD display, or manually from the control panel in the 3 heating modes: towel warmer only, fan only, or towel warmer and fan. With the remote control it is possible to manage a digital thermostat similar to that of classic air conditioners.

There is also the possibility of a weekly programming and 4 operating modes: comfort, night, anti-freeze, stand-by. Available in white or black color.

We have recommended this product because, although more expensive, it is one of the most complete and suitable appliances for heating the bathroom. It has low energy consumption (the towel warmer absorbs only 500 watts while the integrated fan heater absorbs 1000 but can only be operated when needed, that is, before taking a shower to heat the bathroom). Also in this case, the product boasts a strong satisfaction from users who have tried it firsthand.

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