How to save Galaxy battery

How to save Galaxy battery

How to save Galaxy battery: tips and tricks to increase the life of your Samsung smartphone with Android OS. From settings to dedicated apps.

You bought the new Samsung Galaxy and updated the operating system to the latest version of Android. You have set up custom themes, bought covers and ... just when you wanted to have fun with games, video and camera, you noticed that the battery runs out in no time at all. And here we are, talking again about the age-old question of the battery life of smartphones which, like that of notebooks, is never enough. For further information:how to save notebook battery.

Android, unlike iOS (the operating system mounted on the iPhone), allows maximum device management so we can optimize theautonomy of the smartphoneaccording to our real needs. Let's see how to do it right away.

How to save Galaxy battery

The first piece of advice that everyone gives is the intelligent management of active networks. Active connections can be easily managed on Android by pulling down the drop-down menu, dragging the screen from top to bottom. Here are the general rules:

  • If not in use, turn off bluetooth.
  • If it's not in use, turn off the wi-fi.
  • If no network signal is needed.
    If you have to use your smartphone to play games, read an ebook (...) and don't have to receive phone calls, emails, whatapps or sms, turn off the entire network. Set your phone to airplane mode and enjoy playing or reading!
  • In the presence of the wifi signal.
    If you do not need to receive calls but you need messaging services such as whatsapp and social networks such as Facebook or twitter, set the phone in airplane mode but keep the wi-fi active.

If you have wifi coverage, to save battery, it might be useful to disable the 4G data network; in this way you can continue to fully use your phone (calls, text messages, chats…) without making the battery weigh the 4G technology. Reactivate the 4G network when you can no longer use the wifi.

Still, forsave battery on Galaxyyou can decide to disable the GPS connection or select the GPS versionechoie based only on Wifi and mobile triangulation. In this way, you do not give up the geotag but you do it without burdening the GPS sensor.

Also from the drop-down menu, you can better manage the brightness of the screen. You can also set automatic brightness but deciding to manage it manually can give you more satisfaction in the context ofbattery saving!

Galaxy battery saver mode

Every Android smartphone, including theSamsung Galaxy, has an energy saving mode.

By activating thisfashions, the operating system to disable the most expensive functions of the smartphone.

Act in the smartphone settings to reduce the duration in which the display must remain active even without receiving input. By default the duration is set to one minute, better lower it to at least 30 seconds.

Also turn off the tone that sounds whenever you press something.

Galaxy battery statistics

To monitor theSamsung Galaxy battery life, Android OS provides an application that provides you with consumption statistics.

From the statistics you can understand which factor causes you the most consumption ofbatteryso as to specifically correct your usage habits.

Save Galaxy battery, stop apps running in backgraund

Some applications, even when closed, continue to "work in the backgraund" consuming precious energy.

The Greenify application prevents other applications from working in the backgrund when it has not been requested. This app is very intuitive and easy to use. Try it and enjoy the savings you have made.

Little tip, store the battery consumption statistics before and after using the Greenify App so you can test its real effectiveness.

Power Bank to charge the smartphone

If you are not inclined to sacrifice, you can purchase a storage battery with an amperage such as to guarantee different charging cycles for your device.

Smartphone power banks are not very expensive. Among the various models on the market, we point out the one that in our opinion can offer the best value for money. This is a 20,000 mAh Power Bank, enough power to charge the Galaxy S7 edge 8 times. Obviously it is compatible with any type of smartphone and not only Samsung ones, in fact it also charges iPhone 7 8 times!

In electronics stores you can easily find many models of power banks, even if the best prices are torn off by buying and selling online. TO "this Amazon page"You can find many proposals, choose the one that best suits your case, remembering to choose a Power Bank with at least 20,000 mAh.

The reason? The Galaxy S8 as well as the Galaxy Note or Galaxy Plus tend to be more energy-hungry, so it's better to oversize.

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