Fruit and vegetable centrifuges

Fruit and vegetable centrifuges

Tasty, healthy and thirst-quenching, the fruit and vegetable centrifuges they seem to be very successful; at least that's how adults, sportsmen, students and children think that they have included centrifuged in their diet.

In fact, centrifuges offer a healthy way to eat fruit and vegetables, foods that provide the body with the vitamins, trace elements and mineral salts necessary for our well-being.

Fruit and vegetable juices, how to combine ingredients

To prepare a good juice, we can combine fruit and vegetables by exploiting their nutritional value; in principle there are no major contraindications. The most commonly used ingredients for availability and flavor are carrots, celery, rance, strawberries, apples. We can also make excellent fresh centrifuges with artichoke, tomato, pumpkin, cucumber, fennel. They may seem risky combinations, but if wisely dosed in a single centrifuge, they can provide healthy benefits and represent a daily well-being habit.

Those with kidney problems should avoid spinach; those with gastritis problems should avoid fresh ginger as it is a food rich in essential oils that inflame the stomach walls. In general, green leafy vegetables should never be missing as they are rich in chlorophyll. In particular: apple, carrot and green leaves to detoxify; pineapple and fennel to deflate.

Fresh centrifuges, the recommended dose

One or two glasses at the most. Drinking a smoothie does not mean eating fruit and vegetables, as there is no fiber content. An overdose can cause bloating and abdominal bloating.

Fruit and vegetable centrifuges, some recommendations

As for the consumption of any food, even that of centrifuged must follow some rules.

  • Pay attention to the device we buy: the screw of an extractor must do a maximum of 60 revolutions per minute, the ideal is 30/40.
  • The drink should be consumed immediately, because after the first 10 minutes, modification processes take place.
  • Prefer seasonal organic fruit and vegetables because more pollutants are consumed with a centrifuge.
  • To allow the intake of fat-soluble vitamins (A, D, E, K) it is preferable to add a drop of any type of oil to the juice.
  • Even if it is a healthy drink for the body, it must be consumed in the right doses and in the correct manner. You should never overdo the doses especially if you suffer from diabetes or hyperglycemia.
  • Centrifuges are contraindicated for those suffering from candidiasis as the sugars feed the fungi that cause the disease.
  • Do not consume the drink with meals as they slow down digestion
  • Do not prepare the drink with fruit just out of the fridge: it must not be too cold
  • Don't drink the drink too quickly as it can cause indigestion.

Centrifugates or extracts: what to choose?

What we get from an extractor is of higher quality than that of a centrifuge. The extractor mechanism turns much more slowly: this means less oxidation of the active ingredients of the ingredients used and greater preservation of the enzymes. Otherwise, the centrifuge tends to ruin the active ingredients.

Centripura centrifuges

As we have seen, centrifuges are very healthy but they have a flaw: their preparation is complex! You have to buy fresh fruit and vegetables then wash them, cut them and there is not always the time or perhaps the desire to do so.

Those who do not like to prepare centrifuges with fresh fruit and vegetables or want to enjoy the benefits of a centrifuge even outside the home, can resort to Bios Line's Centripura. What are we talking about? It is a line of whole fruit and vegetable extracts, in dehydrated form, obtained with technologies that keep the taste and nutritional properties of the fresh ingredients unaltered.

They are drinks ready in an instant: just pour the contents of a sachet into a glass of water (about 200 ml), mix and wait for them to rehydrate for 2 minutes. We will have the same fragrance and the same taste of a fresh centrifuge, ensuring our body the microorganisms it needs.

In four different recipes formulated and balanced to meet specific wellness needs. For all information on the product, please refer to the official amazon page: Centripura Centrifuges

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