Truffle dogs: breeds

Truffle dogs: breeds

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Truffle dogs, to be trained adequately to obtain satisfactory results. They are all animals with an extremely developed sense of smell: if dogs already have it very fine, those experts in the truffle sector must excel. Whether they are purebred or not, i truffle dogs are medium or small in size and very diligent and careful.

Truffle dogs: characteristics

An ad hoc breed that can be put at the top of an ideal list of truffle dogs does not exist, or rather, it does not just do this. All dogs have a very developed sense of smell so theoretically all dogs can become experts in finding truffles.

It is not just a matter of smelling it, but also of digging and knowing accompany the truffles finding an understanding with them that is never predictable. There are truffle dogs for fast-paced truffle hunters and for those who take it easy, truffle dogs who have a pulse or who cannot be respected.

Therefore, to choose your truffle dog, you need to understand what types we are, and then take into account external factors that affect the evaluation such as the type of territory in which you go hunting for truffles, the habitat, the resistance to cold and damp of the animal.

Truffle dogs breeds

There are breeds that are more suited to others, although everyone must seek their own. In order not to fish from too large a basin, here are the ones that most likely can respond adequately to the needs of truffles.

If we want robust and resistant truffle dogs, better bet on braccoids as the German hound or on that Hungarian, or on that Italian. Even the Pointer it is excellent, even better the bracco / pointer crosses. Other breeds of Truffle dogs they are suitable for those owners who prefer more docile characters. Lagotto romagnolo is the best and we will get to know him better later on.

Moving on to other breeds, let's see other recommended ones: it Springer Spaniel, small and fast, the Brittany Spaniel, or the Jack Russel, always small in size but with an extremely determined character.

Truffle dogs: Lagotto

The Truffle dog more popular in recent times, and constantly growing, is the Lagotto Romagnolo. All Italian, this breed is considered the most suitable in the world for truffle hunting, it is native to the marshy areas in the south of the Po delta and sports an exceptional sense of smell.

Truffle dogs: training

Before training Truffle dogs it is necessary to teach them the ABC, the commands like "stop", "sit", "search" and continue always being careful that it should not become a rigid moment of indoctrination but a fun and an opportunity to bond more with your four-legged friend legs.

The "master" of training to specialize in truffles it begins when the dog is two or three months old and it is good to get used to playing with small pieces of truffles from an early age. We build a ball with a rag stuffed with truffle in pieces and propose it to the dog, throw it in a place that he can see and time after time we begin to make him understand that he must bring it back. If it does, when it does, it must be rewarded.

The second step is the throw the ball in the tall grass, the third in hiding it in a crack in the ground, fitting it. At the end of the "course", the training continues in the field, perfecting it and never losing the habit of being together and searching.

Truffle dogs: prices

If you take a puppy and not yet well trained, a dog can only cost you 200-250 euros but if he has already started the training course, then the price goes up to 600 euros. If, on the other hand, we are considering the purchase of an example with an exemplary pedigree, then the cost doubles. When a truffle dog is already one year old and knows his stuff, it even costs more than 2500 euros.

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