Pink flowers: names and pictures

Pink flowers: names and pictures

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Pink flowers, peach blossom, is a famous song by Lucio Battisti that made pink flowers much more known and catchy than those of other colors. However, it is true that many of them are truly wonderful, just think of those of cherry! There are others that are more difficult to recognize but which deserve to be smelled, cultivated and appreciated.

Pink flowers: names

There are several shades of pink, perhaps it is one of the colors that possesses the most, and pink flowers play with this richness as if they were gold themselves of painters. We will therefore see many types also different for colors and not only for shape, but all that fall into the category. L'Orchidea Falena is a wonderful presence both in the apartment and in the garden, and it is one of the pink flowers that certainly do not meet by chance on the street.

It is thebest known orchid and more widespread in the world, it had origins in the East Indies but today in Europe it is often housed in public and private gardens, being very elegant. Me too'hydrangea is a plant that produces pink flowers and is in gardens less refined but very decorative.

Among the pink flowers there is also theAbelia chinensis, round evergreen shrub with serrated leaves and pink flowers, small and delicately scented. Another shrub that blooms in pink is the Veigelia, with serrated leaves. Pink roses cannot be forgotten inlist of names, they can be bushy, climbing, with early or late flowering. Obvious but no less important, icherry and plum blossoms of which there are many varieties.

Cluster pink flowers

Among the numerous examples of cluster pink flowers I want to mention Aubrezia, also called Aubretia or Aubreta. It is a plant that creates a wonderful perennial cascade, but which can also be arranged in such a way that it creates a cushion or a bush. It is often used to decorate the walls that divide, with its pink stain it makes everything more cheerful.

Powder pink flower

The powder pink it is a color that is often heard in the world of cosmetics as well as gardening. It's a deep pink but which is never purplish, it is up to you to recognize it in the flowers you encounter and understand if it is the powder, or the flower, that is right for you. You can also try growing your own blush pink flowers by sowing Rosa Abracadabra. Whether in a pot or in the ground, it's not difficult to grow and up Amazon a pack of its seeds costs 11 euros.

Pink flowers: pictures

Pink flowers, peach blossoms: the song

It is worth spending a few more words on Song of Battisti to whom the pink flower owes its fame. "Pink peach blossoms / Time to die”, Eighth single from interpreter of Baptists, was released on June 8, 1970 and the song about our flowers is the one the singer brought to Festivalbar 1970 winning for the second consecutive time.

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