Invisible appliance: opinions and costs

Invisible appliance: opinions and costs

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Invisible appliance, a dream for those who are now in the "door" and grew up in the days when putting on braces meant "ruining" your smile and coping with possible teasing and complexes in front of the mirror. Lived well or lived badly now the device can be invisible and perfectly effective. There are various models to choose from, among all some showingmore advantages in terms of both price and comfort. Let's see how they work and how to choose them with a smile on your mouth.

Invisible appliance: what it is

A visible device, often in the mouth of adolescents of the past and even today, can at this age make you lose confidence in yourself or at least undermine it. Even in less delicate phases of our existence, ainvisible appliance it can always be comfortable and welcome. Who doesn't want to be able to smile without complexes and inconveniences?

With the invisible device proposed by Doctor Dentist it is possible to realign the teeth without experiencing annoying sensations and without having to be careful to smile by opening the mouth too much so as not to show "the wires" on the teeth. Not only after but also duringthe treatment, an invisible appliance does not limit us.

Among the various proposals that offer invisibility, there is Invisalign, based on a new cutting-edge technology with which it is made a series of transparent luminaires, called Aligners. In addition to being invisible in all its parts, this device is also removable so that can be removed for brushing and flossing.

The treatment consists in the application of this series of transparent plastic items, a phase that lasts about 15 days, and in keeping the device in the mouth to gradually achieve "objective" alignment. We can already see a preview of our invisible post-brace smile in 3D at the dentist during the first treatment.

Invisible appliance: opinions

Those who have tried Invisalign have noticed that it is by no means a small detail that they can having an appliance in your mouth that is not seen. It may seem like paranoia at the moment, but the difference in everyday life is felt when you experience it on your skin and in your mouth. From the aesthetic side, of course, and psychological, but also from the point of view of comfort and pain.

In fact, the invisible device is also less invasive, it has no metal parts and this means that there is no risk of hassles and cuts. It is all of transparent plastic and it has an affordable price, which does not extinguish the smile on the face of those who want to buy it.

Invisible appliance: how it works

When you want to follow the treatment with the invisible device, you have to undergo a quick and simple one“Smile evaluation”. This serves to understand the starting situation: not all of us have the same arrangements to make, every smile is unique and must be treated ad hoc, with care.

Precisely for this reason it is not possible to indicate the duration of the treatment, it depends on the problem and also on the age of the patient in general can vary from 9 to 18 months, not more than. If this period may seem exaggerated, we take into account that for all the months we wear the invisible device we do not need to hide the smile and we do not suffer from ailments and discomfort due to underwire. No cuts on the cheeks.

Invisible appliance: costs

The price of this device is slightly higher than that of classic devices and it is normal that it is if you think about the advantages it brings: it is more comfortable and beautiful to look at. Indeed, NOT to be seen. As the structure of the device and the corrections it has to make vary, you pass from € 3,900 to € 6,000, on average, but there are cases where the defects are so slight that the cost is reduced to 2,600 euros.

An alternative to Invisalign is that oflingual orthodontics. This solution provides for the presence of fixatives and invisible metal wires because they are placed on the inside of the teeth. In addition to having one average longer duration, about 24 months, this treatment costs even more, it can arrive even at 8000 euros. It can cause cuts and discomfort in the mouth and only an orthodontist can install it, a limit that Invisalign does not have.

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