Dryer energy label

Dryer energy label

Dryer and washer dryer energy label. Energy class of the dryer and related consumption. How to interpret the product label and useful information.

L'energy label of the dryerit gives us important information on cycle times, condensation and much more.

The energy label of household appliances represents the product's identity card. In particular, looking at it from top to bottom, theenergy label of the dryerit provides us with information on… let's analyze it in detail. The first line informs us about the manufacturer's name and product code.

Energy class dryer

This appliance has 7 energy efficiency classes ranging from A +++ to class D. Until a few years ago, high electricity consumption was a real repellent; precisely because of the high consumption, only a few users were attracted to the dryers!

Today, many models have achieved high standards of energy efficiency. On the market, in fact, there is no shortage of low energy consumption models characterized by class A +++.

Energy consumption of the dryer

The second information you read aboutdryer energy labelit concerns the absorption of electricity.

How much does a dryer consume? It depends on the energy class and load capacity. A class A +++ dryer therefore with low energy consumption, with a load capacity of 8 kg, consumes 177 kWh per year.

The models ofdryers that consume lessthey are characterized by class A +++ and heat pump technology.

If your dryer is dated and consumes too much, you can replace it with a new condensing model or consider alternatives to the dryer.

Dishwasher energy label

Various pictograms are shown in the lower part of the dishwasher's energy label.

The first pictogram indicates the type of operation. Adryerin fact, it can be:

  • condensing (with or without heat pump)
  • to evacuation
  • gas

The condensation dryer shows the small appliance associated with a long wire that ends with the electrical outlet.

The second pictogram indicates the cycle duration of the standard cotton program at full load. The duration is expressed in minutes.

The third pictogram informs about the load capacity expressed in kilograms. The load capacity of the dryer refers to the cotton program, in fact, different programs may not return the same drying efficiency.

There is also an indication on the noise emission of the appliance (noise) expressed in decibels. The last pictogram indicates the condensation efficiency class which, obviously, is only present in condensation dryers.

Energy efficiency class washer dryer

Unlike the other energy labels, that of the washer-dryers has not yet been updated and the old model remains in force, which provides energy classes ranging from A to G ... so don't be impressed if on the washer dryers (even the most expensive ones) you only notice class A .

Dryer, consumption

Do you want to know how much your old dryer consumes but have no idea where to find the energy label?

Know that since 1 May 1999, by law, all dryers marketed in Italy had to have an energy label. If your dishwasher has been purchased a few years ago, on the manufacturer's website you will certainly be able to find theenergy label(this is the name of the energy label). If you want to do a "field test", you just need to use electrical meters.

On the market there are very useful consumption meters. It is a simple adapter to which you are going to attach the plug of thedryer, before stick itinto the wall socket… Just like you would a double socket or adapter!

A decent meter of power consumptions you can buy it on Amazon at a price of 19.06 euros with shipping costs included in the price.

The device just indicated is very economical but does not allow you to accurately record the absorption of low energy consumption electrical appliances.

If you want to measure the consumption of the washing machine in stand by, or you need a more precise meter to be used also for lamps, decoders, TV in stand by…. you should aim for a better and slightly more expensive model.

Among the various models on the market, the one with the best value for money can be bought with 29.99 euros and free shipping costs. For all information on the product, please refer to the official Amazon page:RCE PM600 precision meter, the meter is able to measure the absorption of even tenths of a watt.

Proper use and maintenance of the dryer

If you have a dryer, it is important to carry out proper maintenance to prevent the appearance of unpleasant odors, lower energy consumption and obtain soft and fragrant laundry. Read the guide dedicated tobad smells dryer, don't be fooled by the title, let's talk about how to get perfumed, soft and not wrinkled laundry!