Dog birth: how to manage it

Dog birth: how to manage it

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Childbirth of the dog, if well prepared it is possible to manage it even at home. For all lovers of these 4 legs it is always interesting to know how it happens the birth of the dog, the phases, times and critical issues.

Dog birth: how to manage it

Before worrying about being able to manage the dog's birth at home it is good to know that our future mother does everything by herself. To us masters it remains only to control and prepare an environment that can result welcoming for both her and newcomers.

Also there bureaucratic part is obviously at our expense, and by this I mean everything related to the pedigree, if any, and to animal registrations, vaccinations and their possible custody to another family.

Dog birth: warning symptoms

If we have a pregnant bitch we must learn to recognize those warning signs to understand when the time of birth is approaching. You don't need to be a vet for grasp those of a behavioral type.

The expectant mother may show loss of appetite or agitation, often also tends to arrange the kennel, picking up the pieces and tearing them so that the bed becomes more comfortable. So if we see our bitch "tidying up" her rooms, it may be time for the dog to give birth.

Childbirth of the dog: temperature

A more technical symptom is the one concerning the temperature. In the first phase, in fact, the dog's temperature could drop even one degree, up to 37-37.5 ° C

Dog birth: how long it lasts

The birth of the dog itself is not that long, if you calculate the time that passes from the breaking of the water to the birth of the first puppy: we are talking about half an hour, maximum one hour. After 9 weeks of pregnancy, after exactly 63 days, delivery usually arrives quite on time, within 12-24 hours, hours that pass between contractions and waits until the waters break.

Then it certainly depends on the number of puppies but there is certainly no mention of a birth that lasts a whole day. The number of puppies depends in part on the breed, if our dog is not purebred, it will be a surprise, the number can even be that of 6. At the level of the rhythm of birth, of the expulsion of the puppies, it can be calculated that each puppy is born within one hour of the previous one.

It is rare but it can happen that between two children the mother bitch lets two hours pass that she spends taking care of the already born, we must be flexible from this point of view, however, if this "break" lasts more than 4 hours, it is better to call the vet. The same is true if, after an hour has passed since the waters broke, the first puppy has not yet come to light.

Dog birth: labor

To expel the puppies the future mother settles down or squats, first, however, she often turns around on herself as if to choose the best angle for her puppies which are usually born from the head. As for people, even for dogs, there is the case of puppies that are born breech, what it is necessary to pay attention to is that together with the head also the front legs come out, in the first case, in the second, that together with the tail, the hind legs also come out, otherwise it is necessary intervene to help delivery.

Without absolutely pulling, we must try to turn the puppy to one side, right or left, indulging uterine contractions. If we feel unable, we can call the vet.

Childbirth of the dog: stages

Once the waters have broken and the first pup is out, the mother should be more independent than ever in get others out with the rhythm he feels. What we can do to help her is to clean the already born puppies with a cloth if she is too agitated by the birth of the next ones, but if she has the air of getting by alone, better not intrude.

Each puppy is wrapped in the amniotic sac complete with placenta, his mom frees him by biting the placental tissue and cleans it. The mother also takes care of breaking and ingesting the cord, eating it at the end of the birth, then moving on to lick and clean the puppies that, they just turn their heads, give a signal of wanting attach to the breast.

We prepare a clean and comfortable bed for welcome mom bitch and her puppies, and leave them alone for a couple of weeks, taking Mom every now and then for needs and to make her drink. In the quieter room we can also place a kennel cushion for dogs in removable and washable fleece and soft foam padding on sale on Amazon at 27 euros.

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