How to save energy with the water heater

How to save energy with the water heater

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How to save energy with the water heater: tips for saving electricity related to the use of the water heater. How to produce hot water by spending little on the bill. Evaluation of the consumption of the electric water heater and when to buy a new appliance.

Electric water heater

For showering or washing dishes, use warm or hot water. The water is heated by the methane boiler or by the electric water heater. When the electric water heater is in use, especially in the winter months, you can hear a lot about your electricity bill. In this article we will give you some tips on how to save electricity with the water heater.

Capacity of the electric water heater

If you are considering a change electric water heater, you will want to opt for a model that fully reflects your needs, so as not to overdo it with performance or underestimate it.

If you often run out of hot water, your electric water heater will run continuously. On the other hand, even an overestimation will require higher consumption. Know the ability of your ownelectric water heateris the first step to take to ensure good savings.

If your electric water heater is poorly sized or outdated. Evaluate the replacement, this expense, in many cases, will pay for itself in a short time.

The capacity of the water heater is a determining factor that will be reflected, every day, on consumption. This capacity determines the amount of water to be heated.

If only two people live in the house, it is useless to buy a mega water heater. It is always recommended to purchase a model proportionate to the actual consumption of hot water. In addition, there are ad models on the market high energy efficiency, the greater initial investment can be recovered in the long term on the monthly electricity costs.

Energy class of the electric water heater

Thereenergy ratingcan give you a lot of information aboutconsumptionof the appliance. Thereenergy ratingit is indicated on the energy label of all household appliances, therefore also on water heaters such as:

  • conventional water heater
  • heat pump water heater
  • hot water tank or storage boiler
  • solar boiler or solar water heater
  • solar energy storage systems and water heaters

On the energy label of the water heater you can read, in addition to the arrows indicating the energy efficiency class, also information indicating the characteristics of the product:

  • Water heating function with the load profile of the appliance. This characteristic is expressed with letters ranging from XXXS to XXL.
  • Sound power level, it will tell you how loud or quiet the water heater is.
  • Annual electricity consumption expressed in kWh in terms of annual final energy.

The latest generation water heaters feature an additional pictogram. At the bottom left, if there is a clock, it means that it iselectric water heatercan offer a further savings because it is able to work autonomously during the hours of less use. From 2018, electric water heaters that are able to start working when the cost per watt of energy is lower will be marked with the word "SMART" placed on the energy label.

Where to install the water heater to save

The water heater it should be placed in thermally insulated areas. There is no need for a special closet, just do not install it on cold walls or next to a window.

The external environment could slow down the heating process. The water heater it should be placed as close as possible to supply sources such as sinks, bathtubs etc. This is to prevent the heat of the water from dispersing along the pipes.

It may be advisable to buy two water heaters, a smaller one for the kitchen, placed under the sink and a larger one to install in the bathroom. Do not underestimate the purchase of one solar water heater.

How to save energy with the water heater

If you are not planning to buy a new water heater, for save electricity you can set the on and off times with a timer. This will help you not to waste energy by constantly keeping the water heater on.

This tip is especially important if you have a fast-cycle water heater. Timers are devices that can be purchased for a few euros, set it so that it makes you find hot water when you return home. Read the instruction booklet and find out how long your water heater takes to heat water and set the automatic ignition as long as you need! Not one more minute!

Another tip for save electricity with the water heater it concerns the thermostat of the appliance. Set it to 40 ° C in summer and 60 ° C in winter.

How much does the electric water heater consume

Consumption depends on the model and is indicated on the energy label. If you do not know where to find the product's energy label, you can use a current meter, available on Amazon for a few tens of euros.

To know how much does an electric water heater consumeyou can adopt a meter that is applied as a simple adapter to which you are going to connect the plug of the water heater before stick itinto the wall socket.

A decent consumption meter can be bought on Amazon at a price of 19.06 euros with shipping costs included in the price.

The device just indicated is very economical but does not allow you to accurately record the absorption of electric water heaterwhen it is in standby. If you also want to measure the consumption of the water heater in stand-by, you need a more precise meter. Among the various models on the market, the one with the best value for money can be bought with 29.99 euros and free shipping costs. For all product information:RCE PM600 precision meter, the meter is able to measure the absorption of even tenths of a watt (lamps, TV in stand by, decoder, microwave in stand by ...).

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