Swollen legs: causes and remedies

Swollen legs: causes and remedies

Swollen legs, a problem more summer than winter, even if it depends on the causes. In any case, it is a symptom that sometimes highlights ailments that have no seasonal value and that it is better to recognize and treat. In addition to being sometimes painful, often annoying, swollen legs are a sign of malaise that should not be overlooked. There are remedies to reduce the swelling but it is very important not to stop there, but rather investigate the causes together with a doctor.

Swollen legs

They can be the effect of the accumulation of fluids or an inflammation associated with trauma suffered. Some joint diseases may also have swollen legs as a symptom. In general, a constant swelling in the lower limbs. It is not just an aesthetic problem because it is associated with a feeling of heaviness, tingling and itching that can also lead to difficulty walking.

Swollen legs: water retention

When liquids accumulate in the interstices space due to an insufficiency of the lymphatic system, we speak of lymphedema and we find ourselves with swollen legs, before with the appearance of a softer edema in which "finger marks remain", almost, if you touch it firmly. Often it decreases in size at night while if you stand a lot, it increases, becoming even more annoying and painful.

If this edema is not treated, it can turn into a non-compressible swelling and fibrous consistency that causes feelings of general fatigue. Lymphedema can be due to inflammation or a tumor, but it can also appear for other causes that must be investigated with the doctor.

Swollen legs: causes

Water retention is only one of the causes, it is certainly among the most frequent but it is by no means the only one. Problem blood circulation can cause swelling of the lower limbs, there are also serious heart and kidney diseases, chronic, which have swollen legs among the most frequent symptoms.

There phlebitis gives rise to a similar swelling, associated with intense pain that gets worse if you move or if you are in a hot environment. When it comes to a venous obstructionon the other hand, the swollen leg is accompanied by a feeling of tension, the skin nearby becomes particularly sensitive and warm, sometimes even bluish.

Swollen legs in pregnancy

The swollen legs in pregnancy are quite common, it is not necessary to be alarmed but it is better to speak to a specialist to ascertain that it is not anything serious. It is a nuisance that is accentuated by the upright posture and from high temperature, tingling may also occur.

Swollen legs: natural remedies

There are some natural remedies that help us find relief but we don't shy away from investigating the causes of swollen legs. Some bet on the draining massage, it is important to move often, being careful to raise the heel from time to time.

In general it is recommended to stimulate the circulation as much as possible, so let's try some physical activities that include movements designed to create a sort of "pump effect". A daily walk at a brisk pace, to alternate with a swim, if we love water and have one pool comfortable, they are perfect. A bike ride also helps. This of course with a watch your weight which must never be too high compared to the recommended standard.

Swollen legs: cream

We mentioned the draining massage. You can also do it alone, performing rotational movements with the fingers, from bottom to top, using a specific gel or cream that keeps circulation alive while avoiding stagnation of liquids, like this one, also available on Amazon for less than 10 euros.

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